Saturday, March 04, 2017

Too Short Denies Rape Allegations

Earlier this week news leaked that Oakland rapper Too Short had been accused of rape by a former artist [click here if you missed that].

Too Short denies the claims...

The paps caught up with Too Short in L.A. and asked about the allegations,
"[She is] 100% [full of s**t]! I would never!"
he replied.


The King Of The Real said...

Too Short crazy but he aint a rapist

Anonymous said...

Disgruntle former employee. No rape kit given. She wants civil court action.. bs. Give her 50k and let her go away.. oh & blackball her..

KAZY D said...

I don't believe her..

Anonymous said...

Civil suits are used to force a the accused to answer questions about the case in an effort to gave evidence for criminal cases.
Good for her.

-The Virgin

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