Thursday, April 20, 2017

Aaron Hernandez Had Bible Verse Scrawled on His Forehead

Yesterday news broke that convicted murderer and former New England Patriot tight end Aaron Hernandez had been found dead in his prison cell of a suspected suicide [click here if you missed that].

Now comes word there was a bible verse scrawled on his forehead in blood...

From WBZ Boston
The WBZ I-Team has learned Aaron Hernandez had the words “John 3:16” on his forehead when he was found dead in his prison cell early Wednesday morning.
The bible verse is one of the most quoted in Christianity and says in part that whoever believes in Jesus “shall not perish but have everlasting life.”
He also appeared to have red marks on his hands and feet.
Prison officials also suspect the former football player had been smoking synthetic marijuana K2 on Tuesday night.


Anonymous said...

Whoever provided him that weed murked him!

DeepSeas said...

Initially I was on the fence regarding whether it was suicide. After this recent news on bible verse drawn in blood on his forehead I'm convinced he was murdered.

There's a lot more to this story than we are being told. One should keep in mind that the news we hear is carefully controlled. Any official statements provided from the source are to be taken with a grain of salt.

A true believer in Christ would not commit suicide as its murder. The media has a habit of making Christians look crazy to confirm what non believers are thinking and to keep them at bay from truth.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for breaking it down and seeing the bigger picture, 9:35am.

The King Of The Real said...

I too thought it was weird and the timing odd. I mean is he completely segregated or is he available. How the hell he get k2

Anonymous said...

All they want us to think he wrote a bible verse on his own forehead; what--did he stand in his mirror (if he had one) and write it on his own head to make sure it wasn't backwards? right.

Anonymous said...

Ritual murder.

Anonymous said...

Snitch is wrong for lying like this. The report says the verse was scrawled in blood red ink. It's a fucking red marker not blood. I'll bet Snitch knows it's a lie and wrote that anymore. It's not provocative or controversial, it's a lie.

Anonymous said...

AH was in gen pop. I also think he was murdered. We only have what the prison guards said they found in his cell when they found him. We don't really know if he was hanging from the cell's window by a sheet or if was on the floor or even if he tried to block the door as reported. Prison guards are generally not who I would believe on situations like this.

He either was killed by friends/family of his victims or the police. Someone from AH's legal team said that during the upcoming appeal they would bring up prosecutorial misconduct and witness tampering. That is a whole can of worms that the DA and police do not want opened. That could lead to all of the previous cases being re-opened and examined that where handled by the same attorneys and police officers are involved in this case.

Anonymous said...

10:53 ~ Red ink? That's just what they told us and the story has changed at least 4 times now. The entire thing makes no sense and you're jumping on Snitch for that small-azz detail?

- How did he get the K2?

- How did he block the door when all everything is immovable metal?

- Pens are considered contraband so how did he get it into his cell if they were doing regular inspections?

- How did he stand in a mirror and carve something on his forehead correctly?

- Was he found hanging or on the floor?

11:16 is correct in that someone did not want his case re-opened. This entire story stinks and while Hernandez was no saint, the story is beyond fugazi.

Anonymous said...

I believe it was a suicide.
People keep saying he should have felt hopeful bc he was cleared on 1 case and could appeal the other. Lol.
I think his conscience kicked in after getting cleared. He felt unworthy of it. He killed 2 people and got off. Wouldn't your conscience eat you if you really felt you were wrong in taking 2 lives AND got the charges dropped?
He found himself and God and that's when remorse took over.

Unknown said...

People are crazy to think someone killed him. Yes he was cleared of the double murder BUT he still was going to have life without parole on the other case. As much as I liked him as a player I knew this was going to happen once he got life on the other charges.
Its very easy to have drugs in jail. Watch 60 days in and you will see.
Sad all the way around.

Anonymous said...

Just read so me that that said he committed suicide because he was fucking another inmate and it was about to come out..
I dont believe everything I read, but that would make sense.

Anonymous said...

^ @ 11:54 I'm sure that you are a nice & moral person but believing the Media is a big No- No

They are ecperts in Information-Manipulation and they KNOW that the average person likes to "Believe" that they are making sound decisions/ conclusions based on the info that they have received.

You MUST Look deeper & be a critical thinker.

On topic:

@ 11:32 EXACTLY

- Also what about the fact that he was supposedly "High" while writing this backwards AND Legible at that??? C'mon now

They are really insulting people's intelligence

JUST like they did with the murder of PRINCE.

A year later and 100's of bottles found...

BUT was dead in home for over 6 hours with AMPLE time for them to be removed
( not that i believe they existed prior to being planted)

Then quickie autopsy, followed by lightening speed cremation...

YET no video surveillance footage of that last night inside or outside...

PLUS His body was NEVER shown being removed from his home in a body bag ???

And 1 of the Time Warner Higher-ups just so happen to be on the Board of Directors at the exact same crematorium???

CNN and TMZ both owned by Time Warner running the same story with the same OLD still photo of him playing the guitar ???
To make him look like a drug addict.

Instead of the THOUSANDS of other photos of him to the contrary.

The anniversary is tomorrow and im still pissed.

The media treats it's viewers like Dumb Sheep

They cannot be trusted at all.

Prince was murdered and so was AH

Anonymous said...

Wow, 1:31. I didn't know about a TW exec allegedly being on Board of Directors crematorium. I never did think Prince's death was as cut and dry as they made it seem, so thank you for openly asking questions.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it does seem like Prince was taking medicine for pain and other ailments here or there, but I do not believe he would nearly die on a plane and continue taking the same batch of pills without any suspicion. There are evil people in this world who will do anything for money. Let's take a look at all the dead artists who had wealth. I hope one day the truth will be found out about both men. Prince never hurt nobody, he just loved playing his music for the world.

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