Friday, April 21, 2017

Aaron Hernandez Left Three Suicide Notes

Earlier this week New England Patriots fans were stunned after former Patriot tight-end and convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez allegedly killed himself in prison [click here if you missed that].

Now insiders claim Aaron left three suicide notes behind...

From The Daily Mail
The three handwritten notes discovered in the cell where Aaron Hernandez hanged himself were written to his fiancée, his daughter and his gay jailhouse lover.
Two of the notes were written to Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez and the couple's four-year-old daughter Avielle. Both were seen leaving her mother's Connecticut home Thursday.
Sources close to the investigation tell that the third letter was written to Hernandez's gay prison lover, who has not been identified but was believed to be the last person Hernandez spoke to before he took his own life.
Now that man is currently under 'eyeball to eyeball' suicide watch.


Anonymous said...

No offense, but most suicidal folks don't leave a note before they commit the act, let alone 3! I am not following this case but it sure seems...skeptical.

Anonymous said...

/\ /\ THIS!!

@ 10:21: This story is getting fishier by the day! THREE (???!?!?!) suicide notes -- and NOW a gay jailhouse lover???!?!? Not saying that he couldn't have had a gay jailhouse lover, but it seems as if they release more bizarre/slanderous stuff about this case by the day. And I know the PTB love a slander/
assassination of character.. What's next? Beastiality and gay clown sex while lighting fireworks reports in his prison cell?? I mean....

Not buying what that prison is trying to sell the public. Nope. Huh-uh.

Anonymous said...

Multiple suicide notes is 100% completely normal. Google celebrity suicides and compare. If you can find info on non-celebrity suicides you'll find the same. Bunch of insane lunatics on this site.

Anonymous said...

If I was his wife/gf I would demand to see those "notes" because she would know his handwriting. Sounds fishy to me obviously he would know after his death all would know about that 3rd note and that's risky to his final image of him. just my opinion but what do I know!

Anonymous said...

The note to his fiancee and his daughter I can get behind. But a note to his gay-in-jail lover...? No Bueno! Now that makes me think he was murdered. If he was having sex with another inmate he sure would not broadcast it in a note and leave that as some of his final words that his fiancee and daughter would read at some point. The killers (because one person could not do all of this) gave one last dig with that gay suicide note and over did it.

Anonymous said...

Aaron Hernandez left a suicide note to his gay jail lover? Now I'm starting to think he was murdered. After all his fiancee has been thru and stood by him...that one of his final acts would be to leave a note to his gay lover and humiliate and further devastate his fiancee. I don't buy that.

Anonymous said...

Not to his mom
Not to his brother
But to the nigga that was sucking his dick
Oh ok.

Anonymous said...

Yeah i believe he wrote 3 notes...

Only To the Feds

But they were all on small post-it sheets

With 1 word each in BOLD print

1st note said "STOP"

2nd note said "F*ucking"

3rd note said "Lying"

Anybody that believes this mess is a FOOL.

So he had time to write a scripture in blood

AND had pen ( which is a violation)

AND had time to write 3 detailed Letters for 3 people

PLUS had time to get high BEFORE all of this

In a maximum security facility

And NONE of the guards saw OR smelled anything

Oh, Boy...

#Stupid Lies

Anonymous said...

I'll bet he did leave those so called suicide note's I'll bet he did(not)

Anonymous said...

We are supposed to believe

1. That big ego Aaron Hernandez killed himself after being acquitted of a double homicide and had an upcoming appeal were his legal team brought up they were looking into prosecutorial misconduct on the murder conviction he is in jail for.

2.That is big macho gang member (allegedly) as one of his final acts left a suicide note to a guy he might have been having prison sex with. Not to his family but to a possible jail piece. What did he say….sorry we won’t be fucking anymore…?

I thought he killed himself before but after these note now I’m not so sure. Plus in a prison suicide/murder situation, the prison guards/personnel are the least reliable and believable.

Anonymous said...

We will never know what happened to Aaron Hernandez in that jail cell because the only person that could really tell us is dead.

There will be crime shows and specials dedicated to was Aaron Hernandez murdered or did he commit suicide for the next two decades. Not to mention the TV movies and documentaries. Just like they've been talking about and airing specials and whatever else on Jon Benet Ramsey and OJ Simpson for the last 20 years. They are still talking about if Marilyn Monroe was murdered or committed suicide 55 years later.

Anonymous said...

Who cares? He's a murderer of a black man and he's not black. Good riddance. Maybe the suicide was because he knew that if he died while his case was under appeal he would be considered innocent and his daughter would be eligible for his nfl $. But again. He's not black but he did kill a black man, I have zero sympathy.

Anonymous said...

@12:50, I knew there was a reason why I gave zero !uck$ about this topic. Thanks for pointing out why. Good day.

Anonymous said...

You need more people. Don't believe any of this!

chevychick said...

He was in a gang, this murder/suicide could have been a gang hit, I mean, I wasn't following the story, but, from what I hear that's my thought on it.

Your Highness said...

Cue the eyeroll cuz I dont even feel like rolling my eyes. This guy was a savage sicko, whether he was murdered or offed himself is either here nor there. I personally think he offed himself because he was an egostical fuck tard. Excuse my swahili.

Anonymous said...

I Honestly
Do. Not Kno
What to Believe..

Better Than
Any Kwan or Shakespeare
I ever read...

But I do Remember
A. G@y Rumor
In the Beginning...
Said Orin Kne Aaron
Was. G@y AF

Which Would
Explain Y
This Flamboyant

& Aaron Was In
The Same Crowd
& Y Aaron was
Sooo MAD over
A Spilled Te--

I mean drink
& Went TF Off

Who Knos.Frfr ?!

This Is Mr Omar Tragic !!

Coko Shari said...

Push through you power bottom.

Anonymous said...

Notice how every major media story nowadays ALWAYS has to have a GAY TWIST.

People be wise. The white liberal media has their hands all over this bogus story. We cannot believe anything that is put out, even the gang story.

This is pure BS. Watch them start leaking excerpts of the "gay suicide note" to keep milking this story and continue distract people from the war waging in the East.

Anonymous said...

News reports verify he left 3 notes to his mom, fiance and daughter. Get it right RWS or his fiance may see this and sue.

Anonymous said...

dumb niggas think that they know someone's sexuality by looking at them on the tv screen. not all fags look and act like liberace.

Anonymous said...

The Daily Mail is like Fox News's drunk cousin. Very likely story is bullshit.

prissa o said...

YES! @11:17

Anonymous said...

This shit just seems more and more to me like a setup as it goes along. Not saying because of 3 letters, but if they were beside him basically when they found him, how come they didn't mention the letters the same day they announced his "suicide"?

Even though I still feel that him and Odin were lovers and the Patriots killed Odin and made Aaron take the blame for fear of being outed, I don't necessarily believe this "gay jailhouse lover" or whatever they caling it. Hell, it's almost like now they decided to go ahead and kill him off better than let him stand a great chance at finally beating the murder charge of Odin and possibly exposing the whole setup behind it all.

If he did have a "lover" in there, it seems they are making sure now to put the word gay in there instead of letting it be implied.

I believe Aaron and Odin's families been knew that those guys secretly love men. They just don't talk about it kind of like being in denial about it to maybe try to protect their reputation or whatever. To me, that makes more sense as to why after Aaron dies, Odin's daughter or whoever she is comes out crying saying she's confused.

Plus, if his lover in jail is actually real, seems like if they di decude ti let him speak he should have enough knowledge and/or observations from Aaron to expose a bunch of shit. Nit that I thunk they will let this "lover" ever speak and if they do it will be most likely scripted and we'll have to watch body language and such to read the real truth.

Anonymous said...

So sad what they did to that man!! The horror!! Do they really think people are going to believe this BS story!! Some people are so evil and dirty and despicable!! Stay prayed up people and stay out of trouble!! Pray for God's presence and protection everyone!!!

Anonymous said...


Dirty, Evil, Despicable, Deplorable People, May Karma Bite Them in the Ass Hard and Fast!!!

Anonymous said...

I thought this had already been debunked and that the letters were to his fiancee, his daughter in care of his fiancee and to his mother.

The Daily Mail is a gossip rag/U.K. tabloid and is known to be unreliable. It is a British version of the The National Enquirer. I GOOGLED this and so far have only found tabloid/gossip sites and publications perpetuating that a note was left to a gay lover.

I really don't care if he killed himself or not but that doesn't mean I'm willing to accept "alternative facts" from tabloids. But that's just me.

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