Monday, April 10, 2017

Bernice Burgos Taunting Tiny Harris?

Over the past few months married rapper T.I. has been shamelessly dating video vixen Bernice Burgos [click here if you missed that].

Though they haven't been seen together in the past couple weeks Bernice is still making her presence known... singing Just Kickin It by Xscape on SnapChat. The same Xscape featuring T.I.'s wife Tiny Harris.


HaitianSensation said...


Anonymous said...

Oh Boy...

Bernice is being Super Childish.
Why even play the song If yoy don't remember the words.

I guess that was DELIBERATE sarcasm.
As if playing the song in & of itself wasn't a good enough jab at Tiny.

But then again I saw pics on another blog site of TI, Tiny and their chaps arriving at LAX.

I couldn't help but notice a coy look of satisfaction on Tiny's face.

It was like she was trying to hold back her smile because she was Extra glad that the paparazzi were snapping pics of them out "together".

Well, clearly TI likes his women Childish.
That way they are easier to Manipulate and Control...His speciality

This whole situation is so High School

Anonymous said...


Laa soul said...

Why Tiny, just why??? Your man already showed the world how he has no problem cheating on you and you were the one who helped put him on in the industry.

Instead of wasting your time talking to the pigeons you need to be looking at your wayward husband and why the next female can get on social media giving out sibliminal messages about YOUR HUSBAND.

JustMyThoughts said...

oh baby girl probably just messed up big time..T.I. can make his woman look stupid but we all know how he will come for anybody else who dares to come for it strange but he makes his wife look stupid all the time but anybody else..he aint having it

Anonymous said...

this bird is bored and stupid

Anonymous said...

@ 10:02 The thing is he hasn't checked this Bernice chick yet !

So she is & has been sending not so subtle subliminals at Tiny WITHOUT fear.

Her comfort level is based on what he is telling her in private.
If he had any intentions of dropping her it would've been done after that first response she made to Tiny. (that was a no- no)

Bernice hasn't reached her Expiration / Sell by Date YET so she is feeling hersslf.

It's just a matter of time before he is on to the next and SHE is the one getting taunted.

The games men play...If you let them

iketernr said...

She ain't making royalty one from singing it so eff her.

Anonymous said...

This tramp is so damn insecure, stupid and jealous of Tiny. How are you gon be the secure side chick that "has him" but are singing his soon to be ex wife's song? Sing or mimic your own accolades, oh wait you don't have any. You're a good fuck behind the scenes so play your role slut, even when the divorce is final he won't publicly acknowledge you! She's reaching and seems desperate, Tip must've left her alone!!

Anonymous said...

^ It doesn't look like TI left her alone.

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