Thursday, April 06, 2017

Blac Chyna Returns Her Engagement Ring

Last week Blac Chyna posted a video on SnapChat insinuating she and Rob Kardashian were back together, while flashing her old engagement ring [click here if you missed that].

Apparently that is SO not the case...

Insiders tell E! News,
"Chyna and Rob are certainly not together or engaged." 
 "In fact, Chyna gave the engagement ring back to Rob when they broke up last month...Something caused them to have a blowout fight, and Chyna gave the ring back and it was done. They officially are not engaged. There is no wedding."
Fun Fact: Last night Blac Chyna was spotted clubbing at club Tao in L.A. without the 7 carat bling.


Anonymous said...

She lived the club life already, shouldn't she be home nursing her newborn. A baby under 7 months old is considered a newborn, as a mother her priorities have to change.

Anonymous said...

^^ She gets paid to party. Rob depends on his mama and sister's for most of his support. She already said Tyga ain't paying. She has two kids to support so give her a break. Most moms in the real world are back at work before the baby is 2 months.

OT: This is a loss for Rob fat sloppy unstable ass. I hope we get another season to see her embarrass him.

Demico Merritt said...
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Demico Merritt said...

And she wanted that Kardashian name so bad

prissa o said...

@8:33 things must've changed because it used to be 0-3 months was considered a newborn.

A 7 month old newborn? I've never heard of such. Wow.

Anonymous said...

@9:00 am she said under 7 months

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