Thursday, April 06, 2017

Meghan Markle's Sister Backtracks on Tell-All

Last month actress Meghan Markel's half-sister Samantha Markel announced she was writing an unflattering tell-all book about growing up with Meg [click here if you missed that].

Now Sam claims that's not really the case...

This week, after admitting she hasn't spoken to Meghan in over nine years, Samantha told an Australian radio station,
'It's not about the money, it's more about general consideration and support.'
'Humanitarianism begins at home. That doesn't mean monetary, it means reaching out.'
'I am in a wheelchair and she did meet Harry at the Invictus Games. I felt like it was an opportunity to be a voice and bring a lot of awareness to it [disability].
I think she believed the tabloids that I was writing a 'tell-all' book.
'That's rubbish. It's a book about my bi-racial experiences and evolution. It has nothing to do with talking about Megan.
'That's her personal business. I'm an older sister, not her gossipy little peer. And I would never judge her about those things, that would ruin her private life.