Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Micheal Vick's Father Charged with Drug Trafficking

Retired football star Michael Vick's father charged with trafficking heroin...

From The Pilot Online
The father of former Virginia Tech and NFL quarterback Michael Vick has been charged with federal crimes relating to heroin distribution and money laundering.
Michael Dwayne Boddie, 55, of Hampton was among 12 people named in a federal indictment unsealed Wednesday. The document listed "Vick" as his nickname.
Seven of the 12 made initial appearances Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Norfolk. 
Boddie remains at large.
Fun Fact: Back in 2007 Michael Vick's Father gave an interview claiming his son had been arranging dog fights since college right after Vick pleaded not guilty to dog fighting charges [click here if you missed that].


Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

What a doggone shame.

L. Eller said...

I see you at 6:17!!! This family has gone to the dogs. Smh

Laa soul said...

Why just why??? And he"s in the state of VA doing that bs???? He must not have gotten the memo that that former klansman Jeff Sessions wants to bring back mandatory sentences for drug crimes. And he's 55? SMH.

I went college in VA in the late 80's early 90's and I knew better than to even think about tangling with law enforcement down there!

Anonymous said...

Niggas gone nigg.

prissa o said...


I hope Mike didn't get caught up. And yes Laa soul, he really should know better being in the Commonwealth.

OAN - Michael Vick is SO FUCKING FINE!!!! 😍

Laa soul said...

@:Prissa O yes he must have forgotten he wasin the state where the capital of the confederacy was located. Well he gonna learn today I tell ya!

D L said...

His family always in some mess.

Anonymous said...

Be careful @Prissa O
He is fine! But its alleged and rumored that he might have herps :(

Anonymous said...

Many of the dogs who survived have life long disabilities. His Father is a Hero who happened to sell Heroin.

-The Virgin

Anonymous said...

Yes @Prissa O! Michael Vick is fine as FUCK! I'd take him over Boris Kodjoe in a heartbeat.

This is just another criminal family. MV just happened to make it to the NFL. I bet they were really flippin work with that kinda cash! LOL

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