Friday, June 09, 2017

North West Rebelling Against Her Fashion Line?

Last month Kim Kardashian and Kanye West dropped their children's clothing line The Kid Suppy [click here if you missed that].

Now insiders claim North West absolutely hates the clothes and refuses to wear them without a fight...

Sources tell OK! Magazine,
"North can’t stand her new kiddie range of clothing!"
“Kim has to bribe North to wear her clothes. North is getting sick of being trussed up like a doll – all she wants to do is color, draw and play kiddie games."
"Grandma Kris suspects North’s a tomboy at heart and worries that Kim’s not letting her be herself."
"There’s no doubt North’s starting to lose patience with the situation and has been throwing epic tantrums when Kim starts throwing different clothes on her."


Anonymous said...

Excuse to explain them ending the line since NO ONE is checking for it. Bye Kim, you knew North wasn't into that shit when you started that line.

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

And still no word or promotion from Kanye about this kids line........very, very strange.

Anonymous said...

Not every celebrity, but many...especially the very rich and famous celebs have these children and the kids become just another accessory to their name, business affairs and image.

Anonymous said...

This child has her own line of sexy S&M Neck Chokers


Unknown said...

@11:05 Exactly. Having kids for all the wrong reasons. Let kids be kids. Parents are supposed to PROTECT but these celebrities throw their kids to the wolves

Unknown said...

Wow! There are many things going on here:

1.They ALWAYS paint North as the "difficult" child. Even if true- ain't no way a good mom would let this narrative be out in the media about her child. Terrible!

2. The black (non delusional) side of North knows trash when she sees it.

3. "Grandma Kris suspects North’s a tomboy at heart and worries that Kim’s not letting her be herself." -> PLEASE LORD do not let them try to use her for that transgender agenda. This quote leads me to believe that if North resist being used as a "mini Kim" then they will push the narrative that she's "transgender". God protect North AND Saint. 🙏🙏🙏

Anonymous said...

^^^^ I agree @2:54pm ^^^^
I do hope The Lord do keep and protect North and Saint
Bcus these folks will do ANYTHING for both fame and fortune
God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly more then what we think or asked of Him
My Lord please help these babies and all the children of the world who may suffer at the hand of selfish , neglectful greedy adults

Allihave2say said...

I had to skip reading to get this off my chest.
1st Kim's ass said North was awful like Kanye.
Now they claim she's a "tomboy at heart" and Kim needs to let her express that.
I guarandamntee that Kim will try a transgender line and force North to wear boy clothes like Angelina's daughter to make money. In 11 years North will be strung out if Kim doesn't stop this. I wish Kanye was never diagnosed with a mental illness so he can seek custody of his kids. This is going to be a huge mess.

Anonymous said...

Yup 10:26 that's next your right!!! poor little girl thinks that is her father and it isn't I refuse to believe that is the real Kanye it's not him

Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! Awesome Points/Comments y'all!!!

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