Monday, July 17, 2017

Jay Z Takes the Top Spot on the Billboard Charts

Jay Z's new album 4:44 takes the top spot on the Billboard 200...

This week Jay Z's new album 4:44 debuted at no.1 on the Billboard chart, marking his 14th no.1 album to date.

Nielsen Music reports 4:44 scanned 262k equivalent album units, of which 174k were traditional album sales.

Jay Z currently holds the record for most debuts at No.1 on the Billboard 200 chart as a solo artist.

Fun Fact: Last week 4:44 was certified platinum by RIAA [click here if you missed that].


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mr Carter. I'm sure people will find a way to make this seem like nothing because it's you but had you not (before you were) come in NUMBER ONE the gums would still be bumping. So FUCK EM

Men lie
Women lie
Numbers don't
*pops bottle*

Anonymous said...

He must have purchased those albums/numbers, too?

Anonymous said...

We dont know. Maybe they pulled some strings. Maybe it was underhanded or not. Either way congrats!

Anonymous said...

At end of the day.....

He still will chart.
He still will be profitable.
He still will have a big dick that can give it to the men as good as he can give it to the women. Just ask Kanye and Jay-Z Jewish accountant.

Speaking of Accountants......when is Tidal coming out with scripted programs?

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard this album yet, don't know anyone who's bought it.

OT: Mumble rap will still thrive.

HoodRat said...

The why is this dick in the booty ass number fudging bitch #34 on Apple charts? If he sold 174k hard copies, that must be albumbs shipped, hoes because he ain't sell that on Apple!
Here's the chart, scroll til ur musty shitty finger get tired to see his album wayyyyy down Thur. Something got fudged at tidal

Anonymous said...

262000 units....isn't platinum.
Platunum is 1 million copies sold.

Physical downloads my ass

NotCool said...

I know no one who has his album or has heard his album. One of my friends really likes his music and they not checking for him. Hey, he did a smart thing making sprint buy the album. I would have done the same.

Anonymous said...

If Lurker don't come through child.

Anonymous said...

you know who has his album? white hipsters who still think this 50 year old man is cool/has his pulse on black culture. i was walking with my son at the park this weekend and heard several white hipsters playing his album. one white chick bobbed her head at me like i would also think it was the jam. i just smirked and kept on strolling. jay z at this point is getting over on dumb white folks. that's why he think he's still relevant.

Anonymous said...


All H_LL Gone
Break Loose !!

Looks Like
I Am Gone
Have To Light

A Candle. & Chant lol


Anonymous said...

@6:48-Men lie
Women lie
Numbers don't
*pops bottle*

J that's you????? If it is please take a actually business class or at least a statistics class!!! Numbers don't lie---this has to be from a human who didn't go to school or a demon probably J himself trying to feel better about their soulness state.

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