Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Former Pussycat Doll Details Sex Abuse

Last week former Pussycat Doll Kaya Jones came forward claiming the pop group was actually a front for a prostitution ring [click here if you missed that].

Kaya takes us further down the rabbit hole...

Kaya Jones tells The Daily Mail
It wasn't sex for money per se, but sexual favors were expected of the Dolls.
'As just one example, a record executive asked me to get into his car and I accepted. We were in Las Vegas and we were all racing to get to the airport to take us back to LA after the show.' 
'It was just a 10-minute ride. I remember getting in the back seat of the limo with him and within seconds he jumped on me. I literally had to fight him off all the way to the airport.'
Go here for the full story.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Go head girl! Tell it, tell it all!

Anonymous said...

Them nasty rapists out there in hollywired all of'em pedophiles that cess pool industry, rapists and pedophile's I don't see why anyone would want to go out there in land of milk and honey bullshit it's the land of volcano lava and lie's it's a filty nasty low down lieing greedy fake hateful evil ratchet venomous sewer hell hole, it's where the big money rapists and pedophiles and vile people are why would anyone want to be involved with them or subjecting their children to be a star? I hope they remember to tell them what getting all that the price for all the glitz and glamour, u have to play the game, and we all know what that means or u should know, you have to do the worst of the worst the lowest of the low to get all that, sad to hear this, let the high life alone because it's not worth what them vile discussing people are going to make u do it's not worth it

Unknown said...

Her receipts are going to have to be stronger than this

Felicia said...

It’s disgusting not DISCUSSING

Anonymous said...

That’s basically a non receipt. That’s more like taking worn goods back to the store stinking of liquor and tobacco and expecting full cash


Anonymous said...

I can't for the following Hollywood industry prostitute expositions on:

Selena Gomez
Miley Cyrus
Chris Brown
Justin Bieber
Taylor Swift
Miss Universe contestants

Sunni Daze said...

I find it rather easy to believe, there music was not good, but they managed to hang around.

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