Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Tokyo Toni Publicly Harassed Over Rent Dispute

Last month Blac Chyna's mother Tokyo Toni was hauled into court by her landlord for refusing to leave the house at the end of her lease [click here if you missed that].

The dispute has not been solved and now Tokyo is being stalked and harassed by the landlord's goon squad....

In a series of videos posted on Instagram Live Toni is stalked outside her house.

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A post shared by @roastblacchyna on


Anonymous said...

What is this bitch calling her landlord OJ. These generational hos got to stop their BS its never nothing nice with them. I didn't have time or patience to read that shit but pay the person or get the fuck out.

Anonymous said...

maybe because it's not her fucking house and if she's not paying rent, she's trespassing and squatting. why she bragging about living in a house that's in foreclosure? and it don't matter what she fixed up in a house that doesn't belong to her. all she did was add equity to someone elses property because she's a dumb bitch from way back. why don't she pack up her dry wigs, crack pipe, dollar store eyelashes and STD meds and get the fuck out?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget her red bonnet Ms Riding Hood cuz that shit is definitely in the woods. Any attention for an attention whore is good, Bitch go live with your daughter and call it a day. Maybe the two of you moonheads can brainstorm an idea of how to get some money out the Klan.

Anonymous said...

Why not just move? If the house is in for closure then your going to have to move anyway, if you felt all like that about the house then why didn't you go down to whatever state your in and ask if you could buy it? O wait a minute u couldn't even keep up the rent so how would you be able to afford it? just move the hell out them people property dam! U can't stay no where for free! Bottom line now u could keep up the payments and it's in for closer move stupid broad, their going to put u out anyway, just leave it's not your house I'm sure you've signed agreements to keep up the rent and whatever else so if you wanted to take it to court I'm sure the judge would tell you to leave the property because it's not your's u don't own don't care if it is in foreclosure it's still not your's your name isn't on the deed, just move

Anonymous said...

Squirrel put them nuts in your cheek and find another tree to live in there are plenty out there. Didn't see lie and say she bought a house.

Anonymous said...

This IS Harassment! Plain and Simple! Excessive!
I'm Serious Somebody start a Go Fund Me Account so she and others can buy and Own the House and not have to Rent! From people like these! Its time. I'm serious, its time! Start a su-su go fund me account or whatever the Caribbean islanders & Africans, latinos, asians do, and do this for all black folks, because of U.S.blacks heritages and denied and delayed stolen wealth and proven institutionalized racism we all should have be and been home owners! Where toms (yes a lot of times hateful toms doing the dirty work) and racists approve other ethnicities with hardly any credit, bad credit, insufficient income are approved for a mortgage or loan and low interest one on top of that before a black counterpart with better standing is approved! The monthly rent payments and the security deposit is like the amount of the mortgage payments and downpayments, and don't forget the credit check! Already demonstrating proven payment ability and background but without the opportunity and security of Home Ownership, look at the blatant fuckery of this institutionalized BS!

Anonymous said...

@11:04, I agree. This is harassment on another level. When my mother had tenants who didn't want to move, we took them to court and messed up their credit bc now they have an eviction on their record. All this ghetto/bird stalking mess is unprofessional and not how you handle your business as a landlord.
And I agree, Tokyo Toni and many like her would not have to deal with this level of disrespect if 1. They paid their bills on time and 2. Black ppl had money. That Latina would *never* think to do this to trailer white trash.

Anonymous said...

I live in the same area in the state of Maryland as Shalana and it does take forever to have someone officially evicted. The current State's Attorney in our County is also running for County Executive and if she was smart would distance herself from this mess ASAP.

The crazy part is that she was once very close to the same person who she is calling names and being nasty too. The crazier part is that they would agree to rent to someone with ZERO income in the first place, knowing she was divorced and could not pursue her former spouses income.

The house was some shit when she moved in and ANGELA fronted her money for the renovations. Despite the Rob & Chyna show being canned, it was still filmed with the prospect that some scenes would be filmed in Angela's mother's "home." Once the Alexanders (landlords) realized that their home would never be featured on the show and she stopped UBER/Lyfting they then proceeded with the eviction.

The problem is that Tokyo real name Shalana put money into the home to renovate via Chyna real name Angela without a written agreement as to how that money affected the monthly rental payment which was in escrow due to the home being uninhabitable. The home is in Accokeek, MD probably goes for no less than $1500.00 a month and being that she has no income and chooses to use the car her daughter bought for her NOT ubering she relies on donations from generous delusional broke people who believes that she will somehow put them on and give her daughter thier mix tape.

There you have it!

Anonymous said...

@10:59, Literally thousands of people stayed in foreclosed homes for YEARS during the recession. So in theory, you can't "live for free" but thousands of people did it and have done it. Some might even be your neighbors today.

People don't move because they have no other choice or's called poverty or lower middle class depending on who's looking at it.

Anonymous said...

@11:04 AM
if somebody does start that gofundme susu account, please post the link right here! I would support it and benefit from it too because I would continuously recycle money back into it to benefit my sisters and brothers who need to be homeowners! So they can concentrate on bettering their lives and their future generations' lives! It truly is the elephant in the room!

Please post the link if you discover one!
Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

she is pretty has a exotic look the black woman is the authenic exptic that is knowledge everywhere besides the small u.s. the u.s. is not the whole world winter is not decemember everywhere and june is not summer everywhere educate yourself the u.s. does a great job of brainwashing program your own mind less b programmed for you

Anonymous said...

Lol Toni begging us to start a go fund me for her ass.

Anonymous said...

I'm 11:33AM...You people don't get it. Homeownership isn't the issue here. She will always be chronically homeless as she always was and always will be because she a self medicating drug addict.

It's not an issue of race or money for that matter. Rob suffers from depression and Tokyo was there to talk him out of suicide when her daughter could give a fvck about neither of there asses.

Think about it she's an able body 47 years old with nothing to show. The SYSTEM isn't stopping her, she is stopping her. Her daughter dealt with her crazy growing up and oddly at one point became her. Now she is trying to distance herself from all negativity in her life including Rob crazy ass.

Anonymous said...

If that's the landlord, she's a fucking idiot. Any first year attorney would have told her any court in the nation would give a judgement to Toni. This is called harassment and she could use this stunt as a reason why she modified or refused to pay. What a dummy.

Anonymous said...

12:00 pm Me too. I want to know the link too! It really is a good idea! I would like to know, and so will a lot of other smart people too, I know 12:04 pm doesn't want people to know! Who Cares!

Anonymous said...

Glad she had it documented, But hey! what happened to her videos and pictures!

Anonymous said...

Toni said they the landlord was on SSI disability and they're out there physically caring on like that on camera, and she said she has a six-month restraining against one of the landlord's family members! They must have been harassing her like this before and worse! I wonder if Toni reported them!

prissa o said...

Why does her skin look so DRY???

Hunty, when u smoke crack you must HYDRATE!!!

Anonymous said...

She is actually in here bugging out trying to get a go fund me smh...talking biut june and december and summer and shit.

I would NEVER have her around my kids of she was the grandmother. But all this is helpful to Kris.

Anonymous said...

To write all of this she obviously has issues ppl should not make fun of her

Anonymous said...

@2:12 and 3:23 & 12:04
No this is not Tokyo Toni, but I see that I have offended you, why are you so offended and threatened to see black people use available tools and wisdom to empower and own their homes! Shucks businesses even! Others have been doing this for years! Why is this getting under your skin troll! Troll, Why are You trying to Distract and Deflect from this empowering message troll!
You want the people to stay sleep and not be awoken! Is it a threat to you and your kind who benefits from the masses staying asleep! Taking this awfully personal I see!
Hit dogs holler! You want sleeping kings and queens to stay asleep! Their forefathers and foremothers worked to buy others homes and land and companies, but you worried they'll work together to help themselves own their own! Shaking the tables! Hit dogs do holler!

Now you know that lady Ms. Toni is busy getting her things in order, finding new relocation possibilities, and taking care of her business with those people that have been daily harassing her, and she don't have the luxury of the time to be on here now going back and forth with you troll! You know Ms. Toni would have totally cuzzed your ass up left to right, obliterated you, and made a video Live showing her doing it audibly!

I pray for her and hope her family and the legal system helps her and that she gets blessed soon so that everything works out for her!

Anonymous said...

^^^I know how you write Tornado aka Disaster Toni.

Stop fucking begging you old cow and get a job like the rest of us.

Or ask your selfish ass daughter. She got coins right?

Rob had you bitches living comfortably and YALL fucked that up.

I WISH someone would start a go fund me for your gap toothed, wanna sell pussy to OJ having ass. I'll boycott that shit with all my energy.

I for one wouldn't even give you a gift card to Subways.

Ole begging bougie having a slut for a daughter old skank.


Anonymous said...

Nobody don't owe this bitch nothing. These simple bitches were given ON A SILVER PLATTER the opportunity to move past this life style of twerking and begging and they couldn't hold out for a year. Fucking baby not even 1 and they done tried to sue this man and his family a million times each time FAIL. Face it Toni you are a bum your daughter is a hood booga but she still has a home must be some reason why you don't want to go there. This ding a ling coulda been living in her arch enemies home for free while you rent her house but ya'll tried to play Bonified Pimps! Kris is certified baby. All sic of her kids are millionaires with their own mansions and none of them have any talent either. That's gutta.

Aye said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Troll, Why are You trying to Distract and Deflect from this empowering message troll!

Still trying to, I did say trying to deflect and distract, all of a troll's tactics! Unsuccessful tactics!
All that rah rah, billy bad ass Go on her Instagram and tell her, dont be scared lets see how you come out! Dont talk, tqlk directly to her, her page's name is shown above DON'T BE SCURRRED! Bol! Save that rah rah for her actual direct without a shadow of a doubt direct to the person Instagram, twitter finguz I wanna see a good roast, because Im not her and you know it! Dont be a pussy now, say this shit to her you're so bad and brave! Man Up! Dont be a Punk! Please man up I want to see you bravely exchange words with her! Dont Punk out now you had a lot to say here, let's see if you're man enough to say it to the correct recipient you're dying to correctly address it to! I'll wait scaredy cat!
Unsuccessful Deflection and Poor Distraction KKK troll! The Message and the Knowledge has been released into the Universe and there's Nothing you can do to stop it, The KNOWledge is gonna be spread like wildfire and be used / implemented to help blacks, dare I say it!
Have a good evening addressing Ms. Tokyo Toni's page, lets see if you're brave enough to address her like you're pretending to. I'll be lurking on her page to see if you're man enough to do it or if you're gonna punk out and continue address me like I'm her because you're scared to say it to the real one. Come on punk, put your money where your mouth is! We're all watching to see if you're shit your pants or man up and take your ass there and say it with your chest! Bol! 3 to 1 the odds says he'll continue to punk out! The sissy is too scared! We know how ya write and spell and your poor grammar so we can verify if you punk out!
Lay that aggression directly to her page so we can see IF you are man enough to go toe to toe with Ms. Tokyo Toni or as you say Ms. Tornado aka Disaster Toni! I bet she'll have you feeling like you've been in a disaster! Your bullshit responses to my comments and knowledge don't hurt me at all because I'm not the addressee, but I want to see to see if you have the cahonas to say to who you're playing like you're ain't scared to say it too, and don't take over an hour to say it to her with your chest either, kkkracker! Anybody ready ready for a good old pot Roast tonite for dinner and some leftovers if anything's left of him tomorrow! Odds are 5 to 1 he'll punk out and be shitty scared to say it on her Instagram page but continue to post on here RWS to my post pretending I'm the imaginary Toni because he's scared shitless of the real Toni! And we want to see That Same Energy you have here as you have directly posting to the real Ms. TORNADO TONI! Lol! And dont wait too long either to gather some courage if you can muster it, because some of us got to work in the morning, thus no pussy ass 1am, 2345 in the morning posts or 4-5 hours from now 11 o'clock, 10 o'clock, 9 o'clock posts neither!
We know you ain't got no job, that's why you're big mad at black people empowering themselves like y'all been doing and using it under a disguise of Ms. Toni asking for account! That woman is bold enough to make and advertise and solicit donations on her Instagram page where she has thousands of followers and get those funds in 2 - 3 hours tops! That's why you ain't fooling NO ONE not near a soul because you this and we know this and You know we know this! So what's really good? Huh?, trailer park trash, mom's basement living ass? Let's see if you're flex on her real gram! Go to her Instagram: shit I'll scroll up and spell it out for ya! Blacchynamomtokyotoni ! Now punk! We'll be watching!!! Y'all have a good night now, ya hear! LOL!!***
****Checkmate! ****

Anonymous said...

I think he's gonna punk out

Just an observation said...

Why isn't she providing for herself like any able bodied person does who owns a home? I don't understand what the problem is here. Not paying your mortgage/rent is not the owner/landlord fault. Why someone would consign for this behavior is beyond me. She stay bragging but don't have shit.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:52 PM He can go to Tokyo Toni's Shalanahj Instagram page and tell her! It's not private.

Anonymous said...

@7:52 pm & 8:19 pm

I'll be watching!

Anonymous said...

Okay Stupid BITCH Tsunami Toni here it goes.

I am not a man but a woman you 3rd grade level bitch. I am a woman and that is why I loathe you so much. Thinking your stank pussy can get you whatever you want here in this world.

I am not on instagram or twitter because I am a GROWN ass woman with children and responsibilities. But if I were do you really think I would follow the likes of you or your SLUT daughter?

You are NOT going to reverse dare me to go to your virus ridden page and humiliate you so you can make the blogs then inadvertently start BEGGING again for people's hard earned coins.

Fuck outta here you LAME bitch. Don't you have a daughter to check up on before she get the needle in between her toes? Don't you have some grandkids to love? Don't you have an open sore that needs ointment?

No you too busy begging a world known woman beater AND MURDER to fall into your open, sloppy, musty, yeasty pussy for some "gifts". You too busy popping and patting that fire crotch trying to get somebody with a death wish to hit it.

You are a MOTHER, BITCH. Out here acting like a fucking fast as little 14 year old girl.

You bring nothing to the fucking table except a reputation of being a hoodrat, gutter, trifling, greedy BITCH.

Things associated with your broke ass name: threatening to sue Wendy you broke bitch, selling nasty dinner plates out your cum stained kitchen, begging a murderer to smash, a tooth gap wide enough to fit a dick in between, driving for fucking UBER and beating up your ex dude.

Who in the entire fuck do you think you are with this fake ass support our people shit thinking you gonna pity people into supporting your fucking drug habit?

I could not really imagine a grown ass woman being this thirsty or fucking stuoid bet yet here you are.

You raised that little smut from the gate to be a whore. What's the matter her pussy no good? Yall should be set for life right? Oh wait EVERY dude she been with leaves her water head looking ass. Yea the pussy MUST be wack along with the head game.

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Hanging with bona fied WHORES like amber AND Kim this fucking big headed hobbit bitch still managed to lose a sensitive ass, submissive ass, rich ass WHITE boy who KNEW her NASTY ass background and STILL was gonna wife her ass.

So now there's this. You broke, Chyna back to getting repossed and you on a blog begging for mula like ANYBODY give a fuck about your slimy ass.

You will not have ME on no pages of yours so you can claim that you have a "hater" bitch please. Don't NOBODY care about you. Not even your own spawn the selfish bitch that she is, that you made her to be.

The bitch pussy is like the Lincoln tunnel and yours is like the Grand Canyon.
You better get a real job BITCH cause yall fucked up that money grab so that even a weak dude that feels unloved has had enough.


Anonymous said...

I think there is some kind of beef going on above but its soooo long. I can't.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:52 AM YOU WON THE CONTEST You must be rich with that 5 to 1 payout!!!!
Yall said they would've punk out and they didnt disappoint, They in fact Confirmed It!! Hahahaha!!! SORE SHAMED LOSER!!!
I knew they were to scared to tell Tokyo directly on her Instagram account, they didn't post this to Tokyo Toni's public page shalanahj on Instagram after the page info was Displayed! No excuses! The pussy lost!
@ 9:06 You should be ashamed! You are scared pussy azz loser! Aren't you embarrassed? I wanted a roast prepared by Tokyo Toni, but you were to scared to go dinner! Welp! Cant blame ya! We know ya ain't shit! An aint shit coward, stop embarrassing yourself by not going to her Instagram page shalanahj and talking that shit directly to her! You scared behind that screen, she ain't going to drag through your screen but one things for sure you will certainly be dragged as you deserved be! Stop embarrassing yourself! Take ya meds and go over there and take an ass-whooping!

Anonymous said...

@ 9:06 PM
But you're still on RWS! Take your L! Take your loss! AND GET YOUR DIRTY DRAWERS OUT OF A WAD OUT OF YOUR ASS! And take a good hot bath and change them, take your meds and go to bed! TRUST ME IT'LL MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER AFTER TAKING YOUR "L"! YOU were told to use that same energy you're using to write those ridiculous ass essays and write that to Tokyo Toni's Instagram page, it would've taken 2 minutes (to create an Instagram or even account, but i suspect somebody like already has them just embarrassed to spew it on there knowing the public embarrassment as a consequence) less time than it took you to write this long ridiculous piece of garbage and those stupid Twitter hashtags to the wrong person and you were too scared and a punk to do it! You look Delusional and Crazy! I'm laughing at you!

Anonymous said...

I don't think this is tokyo toni...why is the person scared to go her Instagram account and tell her that then!!! Sounds like somebody scared, it doesn't make sense if she's not in here! I dont think tokyo is in here, this person looks crazy and I agree she must be a coward to not address the real one. I really dont think this is tokyo because she would've been MFs, Bs, Hoes, CSs and worse. This person has said this all day, tho they did hold their own and kept it classy! Im with them! 9:06 is scared loser who needs to take that L and go to bed, she did say she had a job in the morning! Case Closed.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what all that banter is ^^^ looks foolish...

My two cents, Tokyo and others should look into home ownership, even if it's a small shack, because I hate others to have any control over me.

If she can get fools to donate to her go fund me, good for her and I hope the dummies that donate have themselves a secure place to lay their head.

Being homeless seems to be a new plight for the blacks and it's not getting better, we must protect ourselves. Cooperative economics will work with working people - if you don't have a network in place, get you one.

Anonymous said...

Ayo Toni listen here right and this is it for the night while I sleeo in my bed in you sleep in your CAR.

I would NEVER be on a page that has fucking face on it.

You know who SHOULD have gotten married last night on LIVE TV? Your stupid BITCH Angela Renee.
To a svelte, in shape happy, millionaire WHITE man to whom she just has a child with.

E! would have paid for it ALL and can you imagine who would have been in attendance? Can you imagine the gifts and the money/checks inside the cars? Or where the honeymoon paid in full would have been? I mean Kim married Kris Humphrey and we saw what that drew in.

But NOOOO you raised the little wench to fuck for rentals and necklaces.

You can stay in here all night long co signing yourself and feeling like you won something. The media unfortunately knows you and not me. WTF I look like giving you a reason to have blog posts tomorrow talking about how a person embarrassed the fuck out of you in your comments?Your drunk ass still wins. No BITCH.

So you commence to begging to keep up that coke habit when your ass should be in housing court.

You are a disgrace to the human race, to all women with reproductive organs and to black women in general.

I know you are prepared to stay up all night on your binge.

Instead of getting your daughter before they do your ass is selfishly trying to get coins.

She NEVER came before you and that's why she is the whore she is today. You still to this day are not thinking let me get her, let me talk to her.

You IGNANT bitches think this is a GAME of tag and that those witches are gonna play with yall forever.

But you gonna be that same bitch here crying on the blogs begging for a handout when/if something happen to her. AFTER you check to see if she left you some money first of course.

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Begging ass bitch.
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PS- get your grandkids heads checked out they swoll like a mugggg!!
Peace biotch. Go have some ramen noodles for dinner while you pat that dry ass roast beef sandwhich pussy.


Anonymous said...

10:35 is ridiculous all that because they showed blacks an ingenious method of achieving home ownership! Go to bed Coward Dummy! Sounds like Toni or Chyna took your man if you even had one, you sound too ridiculously invested in this for somebody you don't even know and who doesn't know you! Or is it the home ownership message! SMH! These Uncle Toms, Thomasinas, and Stevens, and Other Trash of the World!!

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