Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Mariah Carey Signs with Roc Nation Former Manager Not Happy

Earlier this month Mariah Carey parted ways with her controversial Russian manger Stella Bulochnikov [click here if you missed that].

Now MiMi has signed with The Roc...

According to reports Mariah Carey has signed with Roc Nation for artist management.

Insiders tell Page Six
“[Mariah’s] cleaning house. She is getting legitimate people, assistants, a lawyer, and Stella is not happy about it.”
“Previously, there were all kinds of people involved [in her career] and Mariah didn’t even know those people. She had to distance herself from all that and she’s now cleaning house.”


Anonymous said...

Good cause Stella was playing Mariah for a fool. She even had her daughter on payroll. I want Mariah to get back on top where she belong. Stella was dragging her down into the gutter.

Anonymous said...

Jay will never let her shine as long as Beyonce still wants to be Queen. Big mistake as Mariah is really the Queen - wicked talented.

Anonymous said...

later for B. it's not her world. she's not the only one with talent and there are so many who do it better. if she was secure in herself, she would and could allow others to shine with her, because if you got it, can't NOBODY take it away.

when, if, she gets on board with the other women artists in the game, it's a win for us, the consumer. but i'm tired of her being the standard, as if she is the only celebrity that should sign.

Mariah was on lonnnnnnnnng before B, and Mariah is just as gifted, though in a different way than beyonce.

Our legends are still around today and we get to enjoy all of them. None of them tried to hog the spotlight from one another. They all shone in their own light, and that gave them staying power and why we are still celebrating them 50 and 60 years later.

chill with beyonce already; we want to see and hear from everyone, not just her

Anonymous said...

@8:41 *APPLAUDS*

OT: This might be good for Mariah, as long as she don't sit back and let Roc do all the work. Her ass needs to be involved in the whole process if she still wants a viable career.

Anonymous said...

Well ask shakira and kylie minogue if thats a good decision...

I Can't said...

Don't do it Mariah!!! Run as fast as you can away from RocNation!!! RocNation is an illusion that has so much smoke & mirrors nobody knows who really owns/runs it, who's still on the label, no one gets promotion but Rihanna and Jay, albums leak like water but not Jay & Bey's albums, if they couldn't successful manage Europe's biggest star, Kylie Minogue, what makes Mariah think Jay & company will do right by her? Also when LiveNation extended Jay's contract with them it was reported that LiveNation wasn't funding a large portion of RocNation' artist services anymore. It was just going to fund artists' tours. So Mariah better read all the fine print and make sure RocNation has enough money to manage her and her internal diva demands.

Rhymes need to report on the latest court dealings with Prince's estate and Tidal. Prince's estate is saying that Tidal forged documents in order to get 500 of Prince's recordings. It's also being reported that Prince's acting manager at the time (which is also being questioned) signed the documents except Prince, which is odd. Prince's estate wants text messages between Jay, the manager, and Prince submitted to the judge. Mariah better run from RocNation/Tidal/Jay or she may end up like Prince. Stella wouldn't have been so bad, after all, once Jay shakes Marian down for all her worth.

prissa o said...

Yeah... while I'm glad she's cleaning house, I'm not sure Roc Nation is the most sensible move.

And what the hell is Steal-la upset for? You were FIRED weeks ago, your input and opinions are no longer needed. MOVE ON!!

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