Sunday, December 31, 2017

Laura Govan Denies Being Pregnant by Vincent Herbert - Gilbert Arenas Chimes In

Yesterday Tamar Braxton implied her former friend, Laura Govan, was pregnant by her estranged husband Vincent Herbert [click here if you missed that].

Laura denies the claims and then her children's father, Gilbert Arenas, added his two cents...
Laura tells TMZ the reason people think Vincent cheated on Tamar with her -- besides Tamar suggesting it online -- is because Gilbert Arenas, her ex and baby daddy, started the rumor. He reached out to Tamar recently and told her Herbert was cheating with Govan. Laura claims her being pregnant by Vince is completely false and is just a new way for Gilbert to attack her ... and Tamar fell for it. 
Laura also says Gilbert needs to stop spreading lies and focus on child support -- which he hasn't paid since September.
...and then this happened


Anonymous said...

I would deny being pregnant by Vince too. Who wants to admit to climbing a mountain like Trina said. LOL

Anonymous said...

gilbert arenas is such trash. (that's not to say his former forever fiancee isn't as well) he has absolutely no respect for the girl as the mother of his children.

like bro, you STAY trying to make her look bad on social media. but you had like 4 or 5 kids with this woman. what that say about you?!

and if laura is pregnant by vince, she has to take the most Ls for choosing godawful baby daddies in the industry.

Anonymous said...

Wow , the govan gal has one bitter baby daddy. He is so bitter that he is set on destroying his own children's mother. He has no limits , which means he doesn't mind his children watching the world attack their mom. Smh. He's pitiful as hell. He never factors in how egging on the public to attack their mom will only harm the kids. Damn fool. Now, if she's an adulterer then that's between those folks, not him, because they are no longer together. You can get another woman but your kids only have one mother selfish kneegrow.

Anonymous said...

He has receipts tho. He would have been better of with a real black wo an that’s cute, smart, and career minded, but he chose wrongly on4 separate occasions now he has to pay the price. Water seeks its own level. He hates her because he’s essentially a prostitute.

Dear Black Men:

Just stick to good, quality black women.

L. Eller said...

Man, bitterness aside, there was a lot of tea dropped in that post.

I hate DBRs said...

Gilbert needs to invest in a pussy transplant for 2018. Less child support means he has extra $ to pay for it.
He is the biggest DBR of all time.For all y'all acting like you dont know what DBR means, look at this big phag.
He just told on his own self by admitting to digging thru Laura's shit. Couldn't wait to call Big Bird Tamar and chit chat after confirming his findings. You know they share panties and bad makeup tips.
Even if Laura was fuxking, sucking and birthing babies by that baboon Vince,it aint none of big, doofy, jealous Gilda's business.

Anon said...



Anonymous said...

He so ugly. I'm speaking on Gillian, though we know Vince is unfortunate looking too.
Where are the female or even male twitter guards and trolls to blow this jackass up? He needs to be outed so that perhaps he can shut up. He's a black woman hating piece of trash. Google his slack talk about black women!

Anonymous said...

1:15, a whole of of tea, like seasons worth of tea. He played himself. Black men have lost their way and his baby momma is a Whore,much like Kim Kardashian and the result of Exihibit A Android formerly known in human form as KanyeWest.

Sunken Place Negroes.

Anonymous said...

I don't see how he is wrong in this situation. SHE bought his name into it and then he responded. She's trying to deflect being a nasty whore bag bitch that fucked shaq and from the looks of it her own nasty ass sister.
She wanted to say oh no not me yall know gil is crazy and he said oh no the fuck you don't.

It was a good read and he out her ass on blast. He wasn't digging through shit. He let it be known that he has proof that this fleabag bitch sells pussy and gets paid via Western Union.

He isnt picking on her or being bitter she wanted to have her business in the streets and he let it be known that the bitch is lying.

She deserves all this and more. Not because Tamar got done wrong allegedly but because the bitch is just nasty. We haven't heard from gil in a minute and he didn't even jump in when tamar aired the shit. He jumped in when whore bag put his name in it.

And I must say he has jokes. Dr Oz it wasn't sugar, tear it down and build a new one and tyreses in November where all fucking greatness.

Followed by I know you cant run big fella.

He is not wrong this time to me and there isna reason he always wins in court and she doesn't.

Laa soul said...

This kneegrow is the absolute worse and gives new meaning to DBR. How any woman can stand being with this dude more than 5 minutes, I tell ya. He stay having a hard on for Laura and I'm not sure why since according to him she is nothing more than a ho and a prostitute.

Well like the earlier poster said what does that say about you Gillian?

I hate DBRs said...

^^TRUE! Yet he will still have mentally unhinged black women still caping for him.
It's almost comical how disconnected SOME WOMEN ARE!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Laa Soul, let it go. Gloria or Laura, hell both of them, are nasty Hispanic Whores. If this was a black women, ya’ll would not defend her. Most of these mixed raced and non black chicks that fawn over black men are blood sucking vampires and prostitutes.

Gil needs a vasectomy said...

I'm not la Soul, but speaking for myself, I don't give a rat's paw about Gloria and her Gonzo sister. Its this degenerate Black wide shoulder, no neck jackass Gil AND HIS ILK that I can't stand. He CHOSE to have several kids with this Creole or latina woman, whom he actually wants to be.
He foams at the mouth online about her and then somehow ALWAYS has something negative to say about black women. Kevin Hart, Eva's ugly baby daddy, 50 cent, tyrese. All homos.

I hope he cut his nuts off already, I really do.

Anonymous said...

This bitch got niggas skeeting excess fat cells in her and she is on Dr Oz show trying to get him to figure out why her pussy stink. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out.

Anonymous said...

Gil is the type to send congrats to her and her new lil rump roast. The way he gives zero fuxs but cares the most.

Laa soul said...

@2:16pm. This is a comment board so I have a right to my opinion just like you have a right to yours. And by the way I am a black female so you will neve NOT hear me take up for my own when they are in the right.

And yes, the Govan sisters have a reputation, but Gillian needs to remember that he reproduced with this, in his words, ho and prostitute. So it's a little to late for him to be throwing stones when his house is built from glass his damn self. I stand by what I said about this DBR.

@2:32pm. Thank you. Couldn't have said it better!!!!

Laa soul said...

^^ meant to say will never and little too late. Sorry for the typos damn phone!!

Anonymous said...

Funny how these niggers assholes ache when they realize these "others" that they pick up and put on pedestals aren't half as grateful for them as they think they should be. Nope they will find the next self hating koon to make a fucking fool out of.

Anonymous said...

@2:37 LMAO! I damn near choked when I read that.

Anonymous said...

When fucking bears go really wrong.

Anonymous said...

@3:51 niggers? #sus I smell bologna

Anonymous said...

Funny how gil is getting the short end of the stick in this whore being aired out.

This bitch don't give a rats ass about black women just as he does not.

She fucked Shaunie's husband. I think she fucked Matt. She turned on Jackie and called Malaysia ghetto after just finding out what her real name was.

Why in the entire fuck is everyone in here shaming gil for putting this bitch on front street everytime she fucks herself?

Granted he is an asshole and he stayed in a dysfunctional ass realationship and had multiple kids with a whore but damn.That was his mistake and he realizes it now.

Him knowing the bitch he dealt with ain't shit makes him all those things yall calling him?

Why no rage for a bitch that went on national television and said her pussy reaks?

A bitch that has a history of fucking married men?

A bitch to whom a judge finds isn't worthy of the things most bbw are entitled to?

Yall all kinds of confused up in here, up in here. She never claps back when he airs her out because he always speaks the truth.

She downplaying fucking Vince using gilbert as a scapegoat because she's not sure if those braxton sisters wanna beat her ass or not.

And tamar being a whore herself is dumb as fuck for having another whore around her man.

Snitch I asked yesterday and I ask again..please not a tamar post to linger in until you come back from celebrating ��



Anonymous said...

Damn they probably should get checked for HIV....seriously.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Years to All. Be Safe.

629 Damnit the hell you sooo right. Gil is a pain in the ass but you cant blame him for this one. At some point he had to love this bitch putting four seeds in her all the while she smelling like baccalau.

She needed to see Dr Phil so he could scream on her ass. 'YOU DEERTY PUTRID WHORE NO WONDER YOUR VAGINA STINKS LIKE IYANLAS ASS'

L. Eller said...

Happy new year to all my snichettes! I can’t wait to see what mess 2018 brings us to commentate on! And to Snitch, thank you for being my favorite blog. It’s the comments that keep me rolling!

I’ll be safe alright .. i have a bottle at home and plan on cuddling with my husband and cat all night!!!! 😂

L. Eller said...

@727 Is it true Dr Phil be loading the addicts up before the show to get good ratings? I heard that but don’t know if I believe it

Anonymous said...

IDK but he be pretty turnt up his self.

Anonymous said...

by the way what would possess this person with a very familiar face to get on national television and talk about her musty beaver? Who does that and even worse who fucks her and then pays her for it. Some broads are fun to be around but you cant allow them access around your monied up man. Since he gon cheat let him find his own bitch don't help him out.

Just an observation said...

Gilbert can say what he wants but at the end of the day, he did have 4 or 5 kids with Laura. The fact that they both try really hard to tear each other down shows both are immature. I don't see how people supposedly hate each other so much but continue to have sex and bring babies into a disruptive environment. Neither one of these clowns are better than the other.
Tamar should be looking back at videos of her nasty behavior all for the sake of ratings and she will get an answer to why her marriage is what it is.
These people are exhausting throwing blame everywhere except themselves. The sad part of this, is that the kids are the victims and will repeat what they see as normal.

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