Monday, January 01, 2018

Mariah Carey Redeems Herself

Last year Mariah Carey's New Year's Eve performance in Times Square was a total disaster marred by technical difficulties [click here if you missed that].

This year Mariah redeemed herself...


Anonymous said...

You know its cold when white people look like goons.

Anonymous said...

FINALLY got the lip-sync down. It's 'bout time.

Indi_flo said...
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Anonymous said...

Mariah can't dance nor be sexy. She better be glad she can sing but I forgot she can barely do that now. What is going on? Her baby daddy is talentless. He can't rap, isn't funny, and movies are a disaster. They be telling him right on wild n out.

Anonymous said...

She is so talented - good for her!

Anonymous said...

I love when people are so jealous of Nick they say the opposite about his grind to make them feel better about themselves while they do that janitor shit at the public library.

The post is about this alcoholic bloated non singing only a diva in her head bitch.

Don't come for Mr. Canon because you will be sent away.

Anonymous said...

Queen Mariah!!!!

prissa o said...

Good for her! We all knew she still had it. She just needs to focus and be serious.

Anonymous said...

@11:32 but u up in here going in on Mariah yet no one can talk about Nick want to be important behind. You must be that bitch that's pregnant by nick now. Nobody is going to remember u nor your spawn. The only kids of nick anyone will remember or want to keep up with is Monroe n Moroccan. And that's only because they're Mariah kids. Noone was checking for nick until he married Mariah... his dumb ass got fired from America's Got Talent too bad he doesn't got talent.

Anonymous said...

@11:32 how are you going to try and defend Nick when you can't even spell his last name its Cannon not Canon...talking bout somebody at the library when there is where you need to be...non spelling ass.

Anonymous said...

@11:32 why are you hating on Mariah? In her own words shake it off.

Anonymous said...

She sounded horrible, can't sing like she just too. Never been a fan watched it the critique, while she can sing this wasn't a good performance it was adequate, yet technically flawed

Anonymous said...

If she decides to sings its going to be a good year if she doesnt its bad be grateful she sung she's like a new years eve ground hog but gorgeous thank you mariah!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm 11:32.

I'm attacking this think she better than everybody, I don't know her, don't look me in the eyes, only take pics from this angle, on a treadmill with stilletoes, taking pictures in a bubble bath with clothes on stupid bitch because she's just that. A stupid insecure bitch that should be humble instead of being an arrogant cunt.

I am not the chick Nick ALREADY had a baby with and don't give a fuck about moon pie and microchip, stupid ass names from a stupid ass bitch. Nobody checking for dem weird ass looking laboratory made babies.

I know I spelled his last name wrong I typed what I typed and won't get a failing grade on a fucking blog.

He QUIT america's got talent and that was a biss move because many would have chucked and jived and kissed NBC's racist ass for that money. But because he is RICH he was able to stay true to himself and his beliefs.

Everybody always coming for Nick because hr doesn't have any mug shits or bullet hole wounds.

He is a nice guy who has been working his whole life and deserves everything he has.

He did not make the movies he was cast in and whether they flopped or not he still got paid. How many movies yall been in while hating on what this man does?

When Nick wants to do something he tries when most just sit and wish. He wanted to act and he did. He wanted to try music and he did. He wanted to tell jokes and he does. He is battling a serious illness and works every day. He takes care of his grandparents and actually attends college classes instead of paying for a degree. And he hold a seat at NICKelodeon.

I am not on Nick's payroll and don't know him though I wish I did. His drive and hustle is admirable for a black man who won't allow himself to be so insecure that he doesn't follow his heart because he cares about what other people think.

I love his St. Jude commericial while this bloated hag mariah is already rich and suing dudes for money and keeping their rings because nigga dumped her ass. Everybody wanna call him corny and lame but when this looney pill popping bitch had him dressing up as the easter bunny and fucking cupid he was an okay guy then?

You bitches need a reality check like that butterfly chasing bitch. Nick is a stand up guy who has fucked some of the baddest chicks.

Why yall mad?

AND her performance was whack and the bitch was so miserable sober. Got her dancer dude jumping on screen with her small made in china babies being a camera whore.

Dumb bitch has more in common with J Hoe than she knows. Always got a new nigga with your small kids on their lap.

Shake that off.

Anonymous said...

@2:35 wow you're hot and bothered...I see we got your panties in a bunch. All that you said about Nick means you know his lame ass. Yes we call him lame and he knows it. Gay Z and Lil Wayne have fucked some of the baddest bitches too but their still ugly as sin. You don't want no one to speak ill of Nick but you up in here putting your salty ass mouth all on Mariah. Then misspelling words left and right lmao. What is mug shits? Baby you're starting the new year off the wrong darn way. You should've taken that anger and left it in 2017 along with your obsession with that man who was foolish enough to cover his whole back with a Mariah tattoo then had to cover it up. I bet you banged the hell out of that keyboard...too bad Nick won't bang you but he did bang Mariah lmao.

Anonymous said...

^^^ you sound dumb as hell and that response is as dry as Mariah's pussy.

I make tons of typos from my phone and I'm not going back to fix them because the best you can clap back with is oh but you made a mistake!

Not hot not bothered, just spoke truth and since ot is truth you couldn't respond so you tried to make things personal.

So now Nick is as ugly as Jay and Wayne lol?

Okay if you say so.

FUCK Mariah if we talking horrible flops can we say Glitter? Yep he loved the hoe and still does so he tatted her on his back and only a special kind of stupid would think that was corny. But probably applauded chyna after putting future on her a day after a one night stand.

Nick has proven his love and loyalty to this cheese eating bitch and yall still talking about him like he's a bad dude. The bitch is fucking crazy and he put up with it as long as he could. You can absolutely tell she is great in bed by the way she's so active in her videos, her shows and how her ass couldn't even pretend to walk on the treadmill.

That's why that rich dude threw her shit out the door and slammed that shit in her face. Everybody loves a lazy fuck.

You can say and think whatever you like. But you not gonna say nobody knew Nick before fat ass, Nick used gastric bypass for her money or that he's a lame unless you can PROVE it.

All I stated was that he's a nice guy and provided receipts.

Carry on with your Ms. Cleo analysis of me because we will never meet.

But if Nick's a lame I would LOVE to see what's in your wallet?

You probably mad at his Jordan collection closet hannnnnn?

Allihave2say said...


Just an observation said...

Yessssss! Mariah is back on her game! Great job 👏🏽

Anonymous said...

@4:27 nobody is saying Nick is ugly. We're saying just cause he's banged bad bitches doesn't mean he's the shit. He's still lame n corny. If Jay Z n Lil Wayne can bang bad bitches anybody can as long as you got the money look at Vince mouth breathing ass. I hope u get to bang Nick how you're up here clapping for him n hating on his ex wife. Mariah is so bad that she got a billionaire to go all out for her n she didn't screw now check that.

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

These comments have me howling.
I love Mimi and I like Nick so I can see both sides of this argument.
Nick's defender has made some valid points
We all know our girl Mariah is a lol crazy and loves that alcohol. We know she's bipolar and prefers to live her life in a constant state of mania like a former assistant revealed.
She told no lies.
Now for Nick.... Yes he's goofyvand corny but he is a relatively good business man and he loves his kids. I'm not mad at him.
This wasn't suppose to be a Mariah Vs Nick post.
Mariah did redeem herself band it was good to see her in an appropriate outfit instead of some half naked ensemble half way up her and. It was too cold for her to dress iike a street hooker.

Anonymous said...

8:22 you compared Nick to Wayne and Jigga with the term ugly used. So yes you did imply that Nick is ugly.

I don't get what makes him lame and corny. Being able to book more guests than Wendy can for his talk show or treating her with so much respect when she was on it even though she trashes him and Mariah?

Or is it when niggas come on HIS show and try to bogard and he just lets them play themselves?

Or when people agree to come on and do absolutely nothing knowing what the show is about ie; Chyna, Fat Joe and others? What makes a nice guy corny and lame? Oh I know you like the niggas that wear doo rags and wife beaters that show they ass with their pants around their knees and call you a bitch every 30 seconds?

You keep hoping for me to bang Nick I hope you speak that shit into existence because if he met me he would never need the next bitch.

@R it wasn't supposed to be a Nick vs. Mariah thing. I commented to the ONE person that threw him into the mix and the next thing I know it's 3 comments in a row trying to chin check me.

The only reason she wasn't dressed like a sage sausage is because it was so cold downtown. Or she would have had on some Rainbow too tight sparkly shit.

Anonymous said...

Lmao Nick had to work 50 jobs to take care of Mariah...

Anonymous said...

^^^ yall bitches is just dumb.

Anonymous said...

Lol Nick worked 50 jobs just to get away from her crazy.

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