Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Lil Mama Revisits Her Most Infamous Moment

Back in 2009 Brooklyn rapper Lil Mama famously jumped on stage with Jay Z and Alicia Keys during their performance of 'New York' at the MTV Video Music Awards [click here if you missed that].

Lil Mama revisits the moment while wishing Jay Z a happy birthday...

After catching heat for the post, Lil Mama clarified her intentions. 


Anonymous said...

I like Lil Mama. She seems genuine and very intelligent. I'd support her over Nikki anyday.

Anonymous said...

what was the big deal so what she went on stage and did a buffalo stance. i could see if she tackled them or something. smh. lol. jay z is an asshole and howlica needs to be happy anyone wants to hear her "sing." making this poor young woman suffer because she was just trying to have fun. people dumb as hell.

Indi_flo said...

That ish was funny

Anonymous said...



Read what she wrote very carefully! She hasnt spoken to Jay Z since that incident. He used what little clout he had back then as far as with Black Radio and Club gigs and had her Blacklisted

What she did was out her love of her city.

What Jay did was out of HATE AND EGOSIM.

Thats why NOW, Mr Billionaire is rapping and dancing on Stage for LIVE NATION OWNERS TO GET THEM THEIR MONEY....EAT THE CAKE ANNA *JAY*


Anonymous said...

@10:45 I did not know that hoe ass migga blacklisted her.

It must also be because her song Lipgloss called attention to an area he likes to pretend doesn't exist. And also the song was better than anything he has released.

I cannot believe Cardi B has had more musical success than Lil Mama. This world is fucked up for black women.

I know that you were not lying about him doing it out of egotism because he sure was OK when Taylor Swift had her stage crashed by his then friend, now casualty, Kanye West so he could be a chair for that under performing non personality known as Beyoncé.

How can he not even be nice to her when his entire catalog is so anti-social justice. He's a drug dealing , Black woman punching, , pro rape, pro white dollar, pseudo pro black thug....

Anonymous said...

Lets not forget the performance was WACK until she jumped on stage...

Anonymous said...

Daughter looks good here.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


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Tippie Toes said...

8:30a has me cracking up

Anonymous said...

exactly! Kanye allegedly made the earth tilt by interrupting Taylor yet Jay had his hungover ass on stage with him the very next night LIVE on david Letterman performing run this town. He wouldn't even loom at him or face him and rhianna gave him a hug at the end like she was saying goodbye.

But lik momma, a YOUNG lady made a mistake, was probably drunk herself with her little body weight, was feeling that wack as new york new york new YORKKKKKKK and he wanna catch feelings.

That was a wonderful moment in an awards ceremony history we all can recall and laugh at. It was a wtf moment not oh no she didn't.
He still talk to Solange after she erica kane slapped his ass right?He still fuck with harvey weinstein right? Puffy? Nas?
But lil mama had to go?

This nigga deserves his butch mama and giraffe necked wife. Sitting up there legs crosses like he's a relaxed rich white man when he know he got 99 problems and then some.
With his broke ass, cant even give tickets away.

nomika brown said...

I love lil Mama I think she is pretty very talented and genuine why are people making a big deal out of this it doesn't make any sense

Anonymous said...

Lil MaMa fuck that camel!! She's a hard worker and she hustles for hers. He didn't have to blacklist her.

Anonymous said...

"Read what she wrote very carefully! She hasnt spoken to Jay Z since that incident. He used what little clout he had back then as far as with Black Radio and Club gigs and had her Blacklisted"

What a freaking A-hole jerk. He used his muscle to hurt a little girl's feelings and stop her money all because she was so much in awe with him, she jumped on stage. I'm sure the only reason she did so was because she was also in a room filled with her music peers, no matter what "levels" each musician was supposedly on.

Now here's something to think about. He now has two daughters and a son. I remember seeing Blue walk up to others while they were taping and she was all but too happy to join in with them. What if someone did the same to Blue. How would he feel. He'd probably be mad and say the same very exact thing I said about this young lady at that time it happened. And for the record...IMHO, Blue looks like an annoying child.

Jay should've be elated due to Lil Mama's age. Her peers ain't trying to hear or see him. Hell, not even for $6.00 a ticket. Jay needs to apologize to her for acting like a lil bish.

Anonymous said...

bet if she was a little taller and alot more curvaceous with those eyes at that age he wouldn't have been offended and probably woukd have smashed. Fucking Chester.

prissa o said...


Anonymous said...

You people read too much into shit. How the fuck do you know he had her blacklisted???? I can’t stand the nigga either but you all staying making up shit.

Anonymous said...

If it had been a white celebrity; him and Alicia Keys would have praised them. I remeber this and in my opinion there was nothing wrong with what she did and because she was a younger rapper; he should have hugged her and embraced it. Little Mama that's very sweet of you to put that up there but he ain't worth it.

Anonymous said...

I think Im the only one to think it was weird what she did. I was annoyed that she did that in the middle of their performance. I also don’t think she should not have brought it up again. I’m sure Jay and Alicia could give 2 fucks about that night. This is the 3rd time since that incident that she has brought it up. I personally don’t think she was blackballed but I think she was humiliated by the media afterwards. I like Lil Mama and hope she can move past this.

Anonymous said...

*blacklisted not blackballed

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