Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Gayle King Shuts Down Oprah for President Rumors

On Sunday Oprah Winfrey's longtime boyfriend Stedman Graham stoked presidential run rumors after claiming Oprah would absolutely run for president if it was the will of the people [click here if you miss that].

Now Oprah's bff says Stedman misunderstood what he was asked...

Today on CBS this Morning Gayle King insisted,
“Stedman says that he thought the reporter said to him, ‘Would she make a good President?’ and he said absolutely she would.”
“Stedman would never so cavalierly say, ‘Absolutely she would do it,' It’s up to the people. He would never do that.”
“I do think she’s intrigued by the idea. I do think that.”
“She loves this country and would like to be of service in some way, but I don't think that she’s actively considering it.”


Anonymous said...

Testers were put out and the survey says.....The people want her.

Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...

While I'm no fan of celebrities running for president, especially the rock, kanye and any other fool. Oprah is at least very intelligent, educated and has very good life experience under her belt. Personally I'm in favor of getting rid of both the Democrats and Rethuglicans, neither party is worth a shit and they each play good cop vs bad cop and replace and repeal every four years, its a scam and this so called democracy is mockery. We at least need a 3rd and 4th option, can we give the green party and libertarians a chance, they can't do no worse than these two scam artist. Also I think in 2020 America will be ready for a female president and not that crooked ass clone killery, I hate that bitch!!. I would love to see Kamala Harris/Elizabeth Warren ticket, Hell even Wendy Davis out of Texas. I would like to see some qualified women throw their hats into the ring, patriarchy is on its last leg and need to fucking die already, they have spent the last 24,000 years fucking up this planet, every since they overthrew the matriarchal order of Tiamat. They need to go sit their asses down, because only the divine feminine can heal this planet and bring back balance, order and alignment.

Anonymous said...

Of the Dems can't find a candidate to get That Huslter out of office, then Oprah for 2020!!!
That would bruise his ego forever if he lose to a woman and a black one at that.... unfortunately this is what it's come to people

Anonymous said...


i doubt it.

Trump won the POTUS when few thought he could. he got the last laugh and no one can take it away from him whether he is a good prez or bad one.

Anonymous said...


wendy davis???

that cute blonde who married a rich older man to care for her daughter and send Wendy to Harvard.
she also worked for him getting a salary in exchange for pussy.
she went from a republican to democrat

Women like Wendy Davis are the reason men like Trump exist.

you could've did better than that one.

Anonymous said...

4:16 interesting that you say that. I was registered libertarian as a teen. If there was even a thin chance they could win significant seats in the house and/or Senate, I'd consider switching back. Right now, that would be a wasted vote so I go Democrat. Libertarians are socially liberal and fiscally conservative, into small governments that stay the fuck up out your business. That's me all day. We need more black ppl interested in 3rd party options. It's very lonely to look around and see everyone I agree with poltically is white. So, there's a disconnect that's a bit too wide for me. I think the party would really flesh out with more diversity and perspective.

Chrissy Snow said...

^^^ I know the feeling 5:17. The Black vote is powerful but for some reason we as a whole have not learned how to wield our power. The moment we start looking outside the Democratic party for candidates is when political candidates start actually paying us more than lip service and singing at our churches.

Anonymous said...

Ronald Regan was an actor who was well spoken and handsome. He was voted in because TPTB knew that people would vote for him for those reasons. They expected Regan to just be a puppet. He disagreed with some things, having believe his presidential status really mattered and they sent someone to shut him down.

The Bushes were into oil and former friend of Osama Bin Laden. No true political acumen yet father and son because Presidents.

There's a woman running England. Oprah can definitely run America.

Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...

s:17 PM
I agree, I'm a libertarian and wish they would broaden their horizon, to reach out to more people of color.

Just thinking off the top of my head of female candidates, Wendy has no more skeletons in her closet than any of these fools. I would also like to see more African American female candidates, they have some in NC, but I don't see anyone really coming forward. Its just time for some real change.

Anonymous said...

Oprah can sway at least 10-15% of those 50% white women who voted for Trump.

Anonymous said...

Yeah sure, the reactions came in and they bailed. I'm glad Oprah respects President Trump - he certainly does speak his truth and not always popular.

Just an observation said...

An actual politician should be the next president.

Anonymous said...

SoooShe basically said the same thing he said in so many words.... She got paid to give this pointless statement.

Tippie Toes said...

I don't know folks think she is capable of running a country.

Anonymous said...

Lol Oprah wouldn't win even if she did run for Office.

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