Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Women File Criminal Complaints Against Russell Simmons

This week news leaked that Russell Simmons quietly abandoned his #NotMe campaign after he was accused of sexually assaulting multiple women [click here if you missed that].

Two of the women have filed criminal complaints...

From TMZ
Law enforcement sources tell us the two women filed police reports with the NYPD late last month, alleging the music mogul raped them in 1983 and 1991, respectively.
One of those women is Sherri Hines, who appeared on Megyn Kelly's show in December. She told cops Simmons raped her at his office in '83 ... which jibes with what she said on the show.
The other woman -- who remains anonymous -- claims Simmons raped her at his Manhattan residence after they'd gone out on a date in '91. She was 32 at the time, and alleges he tried taking off her dress while sitting on a couch, and then pushed her down and forcibly raped her when she rejected his advances.


Anonymous said...

Annnnnd there you have it. Now it's the
#idbettershutthefuckup silent movement eh? Ok Ghandi.

Anonymous said...

you're gonna filed criminal report for something that happened to you in '83 and '91.


any DNA evidence is surely gone by now unless you have video evidence of the encounter.

whomp whomp said...

4:46 I have no idea how these things can be successfully prosecuted. Maybe he tried paying them off? Old possibly incriminating cards, faxes or letters? I'm assuming they won't do anything but take the report unless something else pops up with better or more recent evidence. The they'll lump it all together and use the other women as character witnesses. I know that's probably how Harvey Weinstein is going down.

COOLKID said...

Again you wait almost 40 years in once case and 27 years in another? GTFOH! For the life of me, how do you sit back, and watch a man become successful in music and then in comedy with Def Jam, and then make a ton of money with Phat Farm and Baby Phat, and you don't say anything? Weren't you enraged to see this so-called rapist have all of this success after he violated you with rape? It must have been maddening! I call bullshit!

Anonymous said...

I'm still trying to figure out what evidence they have against Bill Cosby other than victim complaints. It's still interesting to me that Bill is being charge for crimes against women who allege to have been under age, at Hugh Hefner's house, and give drugs provided by a doctor at HH house but neither of those two has been charged with any felonious, conspirator complicit behaviors.

Anonymous said...

And still no charges against Harvey? They still tryna put the black man in jail though

Anonymous said...

The self-righteous, preachy, spiritual persona never fooled me. Typical sociopath

Anonymous said...

We don't claim this nigga.


The Society of Buddhist Turtles

Unknown said...

In reference to Bill Cosby - the shark in bloody water lawyers of the "victim" found a loophole which states you cannot settle a criminal charge with a civil suit and you can't cover up a crime with a NDA. Trust me, this was all put in place against Bill way back in the day. He was just too arrogant (and had a shirty lawyer who was on TPTB payroll way back then) to discern he was being set up. This is what is known as the "long con".

Again, folks need to realize that this Hollywood game is treacherous. THEY (tptb) have the script years in advance and they use the popular person at the moment to facilitate their goals. Everyone is dispensable- even those that have been sitting pretty with no scandals for decades. Trust me, your time at bat is coming.


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