Saturday, February 24, 2018

Full Mo'Nique Interview on The View

Earlier this week we shared a clip from Mo'Nique's sit down with The View where she explains her reason for launching her Netflix boycott [click here if you missed that].

See the entire interview below...


Anonymous said...

I don't have netflix so I couldn't care less about the boycott. I'm just tired of seeing Monique's faux-serious face everywhere. That face is a direct ploy to garner sympathy from the ignorant public.

Just an observation said...

Actually, Mo'nique has set the platform for people who come after her to know their worth. Not many are strong to even stand up for themselves in this industry. As long as you accept whatever, they will give you whatever.

Anonymous said...


You're delusional. Nobody takes Monique seriously.

Anonymous said...

^Maybe you are. I've seen this on multiple credible news sites.

Sekmet Duat said...

No actually u r delusional and disrespectful..... that lady has been in the business for over 30 yrs, won a oscar did a sold out tour all over the world with Queen of comedy ,you are just like the average black person willing to take anything somebody give u, if u dont know ur real worth then u will except anything , stop being manipulated by tv and radio outlets who destroy your career if u go up against the machine,U sheep never support Black Queens , Pay that Lady. Love Yourself and Know Yourself Love and Light

Anonymous said...


You mean "tv and radio outlets" like the VIEW and the BREAKFAST CLUB where Monique has gone on to PROMOTE HERSELF? You are an idiot just like her.

Anonymous said...


And I don't give a fuck about Monique's accolades. At the end of the day she has to face judgment just like you and I. Peace.

Anonymous said...

^^^ IF Monique and her greedy, allowed to cheat huzzband had gotten the money they wanted to be abke to maintain their expensive lifestyle YOU would not be hearing shit from her trying to uplift you and telling you to know your worth.

Did she go on a public tour about being unsanitary and explaining to women why they shouldn't shave? Or why women should allow their men to take vows and then partake in other women's vaginas? Or why for over a decade she enforced that being in shape or thin was evil and should be made fun of?

Monique dont give a fuck about you or me? She need that money to keep that man. Thats it.

She was talking shit about Gabby need to lose weight with the same mouth she was saying she hates skinny bitches. She needs to humble herself, she wasn't even the star on the Parkers SHE was the fat sidekick comic relief.

She forgot where she came from and therefore is heading nowhere.

This is about greed and selfishness. Had she gotten what HE wanted she would be kissing Netflix ass and on the View and TBC telling us to support Netflix so SYDNEY can continue to spend her money and sleep with other women with her consent.

Sweetie pie, butter lamb, sugar drop, My brothers and sisters.

Anonymous said...

Her shitty husband manager needs to face judgement. If she's so great then she should have shit popping. No chiterling circuit plays just steady work or making her own projects. Fuck Louis CK filmed his own special and sold it on his site. If she's got fans like that let her try. She doesn't need permission.

Want to know why this is dumb? There is no endgame. Netflix is going to go into business with someone who spent a year badmouthing them. No other network had interest. So what does this get her exactly? Nothing. She's worse off.

mil262 said...

What does Monique's contract problems have to do with any one's job that's not in the entertainment business? Like the salary of a teacher, the salary of a Social worker, the salary of a Bank teller? The APR on your credit card? Please let me know.

Celeste James said...

So Whoopi just made the face I was making during her BS excuse. She is comparing her decision to not help promote a low budget independent film- so that it can make more money and generate buzz- to women who are forced to sleep with producers? :/ She is really off her rocker. The more she speaks, the less sympathetic she becomes and she sounds patronizing as hell with all that “my sweet sister” bull shit. If you can pin point where your careeer took a dive, perhaps you need to examine and reevaluate the part you played. Soul plane and whatever other coon-foolery you acted in may not have needed you to promote a movie. But you get the opportunity to work on a serious piece of drama that is drawing buzz for awards - and it’s a film that is written, produced, and directed by black people and you chose to show your ass. Why would anyone continue to put themselves in that situation? Especially now in a world of social media? Scandal was damn near about to be cancelled season two- but the actors on the show took the time to tweet and generated a buzz that engaged their audience and the numbers went up. They didn’t what they needed to do to keep their coins coming. If you feel you can’t do anything more than what you are contractually obligated to do, then don’t be upset that you aren’t getting the contracts. Because what clues I was getting from Whoopi’s, is that as a star of the film that’s what you do. In promoting the movie, you promote yourself. So all that know your worth crap is just that- crap. Her resume has shown she won’t generate the money she is demanding. I never watched one of her stand ups, even when she was “hot”.

Celeste James said...

*pardon the typos

Celeste James said...

Alrighty, my comment was erased. Lol

Keke Morris said...

12:14 I was thinking the same thing these bitter Betty's jus miserable...... and dont value themselves .The Sitcom Friends wasn't even funny in my opppinion, and all of them white folks stood together and went to they bosses and demanded they be paid a million per episode ,and guess what they gave it to them, they knew they worth...... so why the hell this decocorated oscar winning comedian can't get what she is worth, she knows her worth and if she dont demand they pay and respect her who is going to do it for her certainly not society..... I am not even that invested in the celibrities but Ray Charles can see whats happening if u dont play ball u get blackballed, this Woman paid her dues .Knowthyself and Love Yourself Love and Life

Anonymous said...


No hun, Monique is miserable. Look at her face. She's also jobless, so she has all the time in the world to whine about being treated unfairly by Hollyweird. The show FRIENDS was watched by MILLIONS of people, they had LEVERAGE with the network to get what they want.

Monique has ZERO leverage as of 2018. Oscars don't carry careers, constant work does. I only can name two movies that Mo has been in the past decade.

Anonymous said...

Friends was also on a major television network AND came on weekly AND was funny. And that all white cast knew that if just one of them left or they tried to replace even one of them that the show would fail.

THAT is why they were allowed to play hardball. They stuck TOGETHER. Monique would not promote a BLACK movie she was in. Monique cusses likke a saailor in her stand ups. Monique looked down on Gabby and criticized her weight after being a fat slob herself. Monique came for Oprah, Lee, and Tyler.

Tell us bitter Betty's how it's everybody else's fault again?

Oh an Monique brought all black people into her comparisons minus Amy Shuler
Chris, Dave and Whoopie. Thats that black love my "sister" must be referencing.

Still have not seen the breakfast club interview but constantly calling Charlamange by his givernment in an attempt to make him get disrespectful is not shutting anyone's opinion down of this greedy, two faced, flip flopping bitch. The Queens Court? Like really?

Monique is high off of Monique and can't understand why nobody else is.

As I said before let Netflix had been dumb enough to give her that money and she wouldn't be talking to "us" at all.

You not just gonna know me or be nice to ME when you need to borrow some money, that some nigga shit.

Keke Morris said...

Wow u are way to invested in these celibrities lives ,so she didn't go overboard in promoting a fucking movie...Fuck Orpah ,Lee Daniels, and Whoopi all of them are coons .....
Chalabitch arches his eyebrows and bleach his skin he hate himself so why would we think he would respect or support a black woman ,and every thot that come on the show he give them praises and all they have done in life is fucked and sucked they way to the top, so miss me with thay miserable shit... she seem determined to get back on top and she jus tired of the Industry fake bullshit.... so what she curse its all a part of hwr act, haha maybe yall should laugh more maybe u wouldnt be so dam hateful ,jus because yall broke and dissatisfied with yall life u want to critisize this lady .....get the fick out of here all the celibrities treat yall ass like that when they doing good, u act like u know this lady personally stop acting like crabs in a bucket fuck nexflix or fext whatever it is .......I dont even watch tv .yall so dam mind controlled yall need to stop watching yourself..... yall believe everything negative u hear Try to be more compassionate, That is a Black Queen and this is a collective problem they treat all us like shit Learn to Love Yourselfs peace and Love

Anonymous said...

There are several different layers here.

500,000 was a low ball offer based on Monique's credentials. There is a problem in all industries of Black people being paid less than White. In comedy specifically Black women are paid much less than Men and White women. Netflix low balled her. I don't have an issue with her expressing her displeasure with it.

She's not worth 13-20 Million though. She's stuck on this legend thing. Just because you are a legend that doesn't mean that you have the same number of people willing to buy your tickets or watch your show in comparison to another legend. Amy Schumer is not legend but she has a massive audience which unfortunately is bigger than Monique's right now.

She has a right to protest however she pleases and Black people have a right to choose whether they plan on cancelling Netflicks or not. Equating Black people who don't support her as race traitors is not cool at all.

Anonymous said...

She said Netflix was racist yet everyone she tried to play by naming them is black except for Shumer. She said they were sexist, Shumer is a woman....
She said she is the most decorated yet Whoopie goes back to rocking with Billie Crystal and Robin Williams and fucking Ted Danson.

She says she is a legend. Bish how, when, where?

Halle has an Oscar and just had a TV show cancelled. Jenny Hudson has one and is on the motherfucking voice.

Monique was on the parkers not even Moesha but a soin off based around KIM'S character. She did Charm School. Ahe MC'd the Apollo. She was in Soul Plane and she had a white washed "talk show" on BET when it was owned by white people and she seemed to always be overly sedated.

Precious was her opportunity to slide through the door but the bitch was too full of herself to notice. THIS was the moment all that other dumb shit lead to an she let it all slip away because she was so overly dopamined up that somebody fucked her and she actually had kids, something she probably never thought would happen.

I dont count queens of comedy because that shit wasn't funny and she wven had this in her years back when she took Goldie from flavor of love on tour with her then fired her because SHE didn't like her material.

Karma just doesn't come out of nowhere and bite you in the ass so welcome home Monique Jenkins.

Sekmet Duat said...

10:56 Bye Felicia u even bitter than the Betty's..... let this Queen live what have u contributed autistically to the world I"LL wait...This lady is funny and she can act, even Wanda Sykes said Nexflix descrimated against her and and tried to lowball her and she refused. Name Any black woman/actress comedian in the Industry that has gotten what they really deserve.Yall act like u mad because this woman has a Black husband who loves and supports his wife. Boy Willie Lynch Syndrone really fucked yall head up its still working, pit them against each other and they will destroy themselves ,Nexflix dont want to pay the celebrities and they are performing a service.What the fuck are they doing for u but taking ur money so why would u support them u r siding with ur oppressor, it ain't like they aint got the money to pay, her because of fools like u who rather a corporation make the money instead of a Black Mother with 3 children Compassionate World we live in ......u cant love yourselfor know thyself because if u r down with a Black Mother being mistreated and disrespected when everyone came from a blabk Woman u people need some inner healing Love and Light

Anonymous said...

Hey Mo get all thee way off this blog with that black queen shit and black husband who lives her garbage.

Is he screaming her name while he's fucking other women? Is he thinking about their children when doing so also? What about when she using her whitest white voice to uplift her brother and sisters?

Wanda Sykes you say? Biggie Shorty? With the white wife? Umm she said that happened and maybe it did and shoukd have. Who was gonna watch that? Even on free tv,not me. Important fact is Wanda and her white kids and white wife kept it moving.

Here it is 2 months later and Nicki Parker STILL talking. Thats all she is doing is TALKING!!! She could be wrapping up her own produced shot right now but she on all these shows promoting what? BITTERNESS ALA AUNT VIV.

This bitch all up in arms about donkey of the day? She should be sooo busy if she is as talented as you say she shouldn't know what donkey of the day is. She sitting with Kia but in the same breath talking about being an oscar winner?

She trying to DISTRACT from all this mess she created telling the highest people in Hollywood to "suck her dick" as she uplifts?

All that shit she said to Charla was just shit. Acting like the kin or she helped raise him. What if I called your mother? Would you do this tonyour grandmother? Lenard, Lenard, Lenard.

Monique trying to give off this I dont play that type of vibe. She trying to act as if she is so sophisticated and classy yet she's offering her dick to be sucked in the industry she works in. you go to work and announce that to your supervisors and see how much you can use them on your resume.

All this for my people shit, live life and love she can miss me with. Its fake and she's fake. Again I state had she gotten that MONEY to keep her huzzband happy the white owners of Netflix would be her best friend right now.

She's so power to the people but she took that angry, abusing bittee black single mother role and played it like it was second nature.

Fuck outta here with that bullshit. Real is real and just like Chyna, TyGREASE or any other black person that is full of cocky I'm not consigning just cause I'm black.

Hope she enjoys the make up and extras she's getting from these appearances cause she ain't gonna be in front of a camera again until botty boy files for divorce.

Anonymous said...

She is really getting on my nerves. Her husband destroyed her career. This woman will never work. It's none of her business what others are getting. When you go against Lee, Oprah, and Tyler you're doom. This woman has no common sesnse.

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