Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Gloria Govan Admits Derek Fisher and Matt Barnes Aren't Cool With Each Other

Last month retired NBA player Matt Barnes congratulated his ex-wife Gloria Govan on her engagement to his former teammate Derek Fisher and insisted he and Derek were on good terms despite their past physical confrontation [click here if you missed that].

Gloria Govan disagrees...

In an on the street interview with TMZ Gloria says,
"[Matt] and Derek aren't cool...They're cordial. I wouldn't say 'beef' but they don't talk every week."
Gloria also says Matt is NOT invited to her wedding.

Fun Fact: Matt is currently suing Gloria for forging his signature on loans and stealing money during their marriage [click here if you missed that].


Anonymous said...

Gloria you a homie hopper..not surprised they ain't cool.

Anonymous said...

Bitch, if they're cordial, they're cool. Stop trying to be an asshole. Matt caught you lying on loan docs and now you're going to get busted again. This the same bitch who got caught trying to cheat in college and got arrested, then expelled. Raggedy ass been cheating her whole life, what's new!

Felicia said...

Didn’t he just file so that he didn’t have to pay his wife’s alimony and child support, but wants to marry the next chick!!

They deserve each other.

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