Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Tyrese Talks Losing Friends

Tyrese opens up about losing friends in the past year...


Anonymous said...

Shut up Tyrese. It's always everyone else's fault. You are the common denominator to all of your problems.

Anonymous said...

First of allll..imnotreadingallthat... second Mr extraordinaire should be more concerned with losing his mind rather than any damm friends because it's clear that's what it's coming to.

Anonymous said...

If he'd just stop talking, he would be okay.

Anonymous said...

Preach,Brother Ty, Preach!!!!

Anonymous said...

Brother Ty is an actor, singer, model, rapper, director, songwriter, author, philantropist, humanitarian, husband and father.

He is the star of 2 movie franchises, Transformers abd the Fast and the Furious. Eaxh franchises has grossed over a $1 Billion each.

We salute you, Tyrese

Anonymous said...

This emotion side piece is the reason why Jada is losing her hair.

Anonymous said...

Tyrese doesn't get it, he talks too much. Move more and talk less, people don't trust a mothafucka who runs his mouth because it's usually lies and embellishments. Let your work speak for itself, because now you have to work overtime to regain what you gave away by talking recklessly. Tyrese babbles about nothing and I realized that when he had that Oprah show. Just rambling about nothing and it was all bird feed.

Anonymous said...

To: 10:24 AM

When was Tyrese's last successful project? Everyone from Transformers to Fast & the Furious has moved on to more opportunities, yet he's still living in the past.

Anonymous said...


Harrison Ford was in tje latest Star Wars and re-did Blade Runner with another Indiana Jones coming.

Stalkonr is doing another Rocky, Exoendables and Rambo bu5 you ignied those guys, did you????

Fuck outta here, hata!!!!!

TELL EM TY!!!!!!$ said...

@11:41 I love when Black Ty comes on RWS..tell em Ty

Anonymous said...

To: 11:41 AM

You are delusional as fuck!

First off, Tyrese can NOT be compared to Harrison Ford, apples and rotten ass oranges. Tyrese can not carry a film by himself. Second, Harrison Ford has consistently worked and is in constant demand. People will quickly pick up the phone when Harrison Ford calls, while Tyrese goes straight to voicemail. What's the difference between the two? Reputation.

Stop with the bullshit. We're all smarter than this.

Anonymous said...

Ty can't carry a film????

Ty did Babyboy!!!

That film was written for Tupac.

Director John Singleton chose Ty to carry the torch and he served the role well.
Babyboy was a character study for true thespian s not movie stars.
You saw the chemistry between Ty and Yvette.
Tyrese deserved and Oscar nod for that performance.

Harrison Ford can't do Jody.
Stallone can't do Jody.

But Tyrese can do Han Solo

Tyrese can do Rocky

Tyrese is a studied actor with movie star appeal.

Anonymous said...

Be on the look out for the movie, Desert Eagle. Its aboit Border Patrol agents chasung a drug connection to an Indian casino.
Brother Tyrese produced and wrote the screenplay for the picture.

Anonymous said...

LMFAO!! I wonder of TyGREASE talks to himself they way he talks about HIMSELF on RWS.

Tupac was to strong of a man to pull off Jody, TyGREASE was/still is weak enough. Baby Boy that is on constant BET rotatiin on holidays when the networks know nobody really is home watching TV should have gotten an Oscar nod? This nigga is cray cray!
TyGREASE can do Rocky? This nigga must be back on them meds he googled a pic of and showed us lol!

TyGREASE can do Hans Solo? He's ape shit yall lol!He really doesnt see his token comic relief one liner status the way we do.

His 3:25 comment must be what he wrote about auditioning for some shit he made up thats NEVER gonna come out. One minute he broke and getting millions from millionaires cause he can't pay for his daughter's school AND he's sending little dude to college. The next he's producing and writing screenplays! Whose mans is dis?

Poor pregnant (allegedly) wife.

Anonymous said...

Never give a hater a stage to stand on. – Tyrese Gibson

Anonymous said...

Tell you what, I bet brother Ty will slap the Watts Fire outta your Candy ass

Anonymous said...

^^^ Ask Tank and Ginuwine

Anonymous said... on some real shit tbo..

Why you go in on us...THEN come back in here trying to get respect from us? I just wanna know how that works..seriously?
Back in the day you had us at the fine ass dude with the MOST BEAUTIFUL smile who could sing his face off....then somehow we became the
I don't remember what we did
I don't remember an explanation about how you felt
I don't remember an apology

what do you want from us?????????

D L said...

3:14 that’s the funniest stuff I read in a while. Keep up the good work. You need to write skits for SNL.

Anonymous said...

^^^ he's so into himself he called him, him and her Yvette not Taraji. By the way who is doing recent, relevant, real things lol.

Just an observation said...

Cryrese is booty hurt his former celeb friends said deuces! 😂😂😂

Just an observation said...

That's what happens when you publicly diss black women. Crying over Dwayne Johnson and being a terrible father opened everyone's eyes to his true character.

Anonymous said...

"Take your power back. Stop responding to haters; remember, elephants don’t swat flies.: - Tyrese

Anonymous said...

Tyrese will be in the next installment of Fast & Furious 9 slated for 2020.

Anonymous said...

^ EVERYONE else in that movie will get a check for their talent before TWENTY TWENTY.

You better call actress jayda Pinkett smith Call her and tell her I said helllooooooo.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one that thinks it's strange that Tyrese is all in the comments of this thread??? I thought "rich" people paid blogs dust. Apparently not...

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