Saturday, August 11, 2018

North West Asks Her Mother Why She's Famous

Kim Kardashian faced with a tough question after daughter North West asks why she's famous...

Five year old North West recently asked her mom why she's famous and Kim Kardashian told Big Boy's Neighborhood she told her, "Because we have a TV show."

Fun Fact: Kim Kardashian shot to fame after leaking her sex tape with Ray J [click here if you missed that].


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha well well ain't this something. We all want to a know why this no talent woman is famous, Oh yes the sex tape. Kim what will you do when someone shows her? You should only be a whore behind closed doors. Kids are going to tease her about this. Mimi Faust Eva will be asking you next. But I forgot you'll just tell her that you was making love to your man (who you are not with anymore).

Anonymous said...

No a tough question is who is Ray J?

Who is Kris Humphrey?

Who is reggie bush?

Who is Michael Jackson nephew?

Hell, when she sees your original face and ask who is THIS?

COOLKID said...

Poor North will really find out in about ten years. Mom followed the career path of her former friend, Paris Hilton. Kim pimped herself out for fame and fortune.

Anonymous said...

@10:29 lmao don't forget she'll want to know where Kim's inflated ass comes from and Khloe's.

Laa soul said...

Answer: "Well honey I got famous for laying on my back for all the world to see!"

Nice try Kim. That tape will follow you from here to eternity no matter how hard you try to spin it.

I know Big Boi wanted to bust out laughing when heard that one!

Anonymous said...

The truth will not be denied no matter how she tried to spin it Once the tape was SOLD to the masses it's not a moment between two lovers, it became PORNOGRAPHY
Her children will find out by way of her classmates snickers and clapbacks or whenever she has a credit card to order it themselves
The following questions will be to Koonye
Dad, why you marry that ho ?

Anonymous said...

She capitalize on that tape to be a multi millionaire. A person with no talent sure has rebounded and you hate her for that. GET A LIFE

prissa o said...

I’m just mad they scrubbed the original scenes with Ray J pissing on her from the net. Having a sex tape is bad enough but they (Kris) knew to bury that shit.

Just Nasty.

Anonymous said...

Big boy didn't follow up on the line of questions ,cue in the North got money stupidity. So what !
Money can't buy everything including a clean reputation

Anonymous said...

It will not be pretty on the day when she comes to Kim with full knowledge of the tape. North is going to be something else, and after she views this tape and does her own research to find more information, Kim will not be able to tell her anything. This is just the beginning!

Anonymous said...

So what broker bitches have had to explain more to they children.

Anonymous said...

Picture of Cardi Circa 1969 get up:

My mama said you got rich from being a ho.

Fuck it they built an empire off one lil dry ass pussy. Kanye Shrug.

lady said...

Come on people! let's not act like Kim was the only woman in the world to fuck her way up to celebrity status lol Hell some of you are probably jamming to a good percentage of them hoes mediocre music and waring their clothes.
A hoe comes in all shapes and sizes also different
skin color's lol

lady said...

wearing thheir clothes lol

Allihave2say said...

Why did he ask Kim if North has more money than them? He is really kissing ass isn't he.
His comment made me remember Kim telling the rapper she would take the Donda West NonProfit, give it to her kids and let them run it. Disgusting expression of conceit and narcissism.
Kim's head looks like one of those deformed babies in India who are the result of inbreeding.

Anonymous said...

Who is Nick Cannon?

Anonymous said...

Who is Eric Benet?

Anonymous said...

Dont know why ya'll so mad, she did what alot of yo'll wish you could do turn lemons into lemonaide. not mad at her or her sisters yet still to pull a A1 blk men that is honorable.

Anonymous said...

What's honorable about Kanye?

Anonymous said...

When a black woman goes that route it's frowned upon. Montana Fishburne tried it and black men like jamie Foxx clowned her. She's no different from any other daughter of a public figure. Stfu!

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