Saturday, August 04, 2018

Tokyo Toni Lied About Statutory Rape

Last week Blac Chyna's mother Tokyo Toni shockingly claimed Chyna was a mistake and the product of statutory rape [click here if you missed that].

Welp, she was lying...

Toni blew her own cover this week by announcing she'll be 49 in October and since Blac Chyna was born in May 1988 that means Tokyo was 18 when Chyna was conceived. 


Unknown said...

This woman needs some psychiatric help ASAP!

Unknown said...

WTF I see this???

Let me try and understand?

She has lost her car because,,,,,,,,,
1. chyna low key broke and rob paid the lease for the contract term and when it was up-The daughter SHE raised can't renew it because she bit the hand that fed her
2. Chyna low key broke and can't take care of her mom and 18 year old new born son
3. Chyna low key broke and got it but don't got it to give to her trifling geriatric entitled mother

Chyna is living her best pedophile life and ain't worried about nothing but mastering the art of looking like broken dreams

Outlook ain't too bright for either one of these heauxs

The King Of The Real said...

This gets dumber everyday

Anonymous said...

Tokoyo went and got a 48hr real estate license lol!

She gonna be showing houses during the day and breaking back into them to sleep at night!!

Way minute. She'll have the keys right? This chick is mad funny! She keep a hustle.

Selling food out her dirty ass kitchen
Massages with happy endings
Arthur (lol)
Real Estate Agent

Go on head you fucked up bitch you.

Cannot BELIEVE we are the same sign bleh.

Anonymous said...

@4:55 IKR I'm 10/10 and exactly one year older. She needs to get it together soon because the streets don't play these days. Nothing wrong with having more than one income stream but I would never trust her with any real estate deal, especially not in high @as D.C.

I aint gon shut up said...

WHILE THESE DUMB IDIOT SO-CALLED CELEBRITIES are wasting their time and wasting their life, we're making HISTORY!!!
Million Man March AINT GOT SHIT ON THIS!!!

Anonymous said...

Toni wouldve been 17 when she got pregnant and turned 18 before Chyna was born. Do the math. She's dumb but she didnt lie

Anonymous said...

Ya'll too funny! 4:55 PM You forgot Motion Picture Producer!

I've never seen a homeless woman sell a home, nor have I seen a woman without a car drive for Uber. She is proof you can be whatever the FVCK you wanna be in America.

God Bless this country. Keep the mexicans, deport Toni.

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