Saturday, August 04, 2018

Fabolous Dumped by His Side Chick?

This week rapper Fabolous and his baby mama Emily B low-key fired shots at each other after Fab implied he felt pressure to propose [click here if you missed that].

In totally unrelated news, did Fab just get dumped by one of his side chicks..?

Sure looks like it.

This week video vixen turned fashion designer Damaris Lopez called out Fab on Instagram.


The King Of The Real said...

She cute, but honestly why any chick is fuking with snaggletooth at this point is questionable. He aint put on and he a little sychco. but he definitely has a type tho. Sistas am i rite?

Anonymous said...

He definitely has a type. But he stay getting dumped by them (lol). Using Emily as a backup plan/Security blanket to use and abuse whenever he wants to after the side chicks decide to ghost and "level up".

Fab, after that chaos caught on video, Don't expect to hook up with every new IG chick.
You got dumped by 2. One happened to be a side piece lol.

Anonymous said...

Good I'm glad he has a certain type they can have that mentally damaged fool. Black woman run from fools like Fab he is not worth the heartache and pain.

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

Yeap he has a type. The type who wont stab or shoot his abusive azz.
Emily should have cut his dick off by now.

Anonymous said...

Co-sign 6:36...words straight from My Black Azz

Unknown said...

Emily in my eyes is scared of him..So that is why she has stayed with Fab, it is obvious that he has a type for sure. Until she let go he will continue to do what he is doing because the behavior is allowed point blank. When Emily gets sick and tired of being sick and tired then she will let go but until then the Saga will continue.Until a woman understands her worth and value she can never move forward. Emily has reprogram her mind to know who she is and understand she deserves better.

Anonymous said...

Emily has Stockholm Syndrome. The other women are not as sophisticated as they think they are. Fab is dangerous.

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