Thursday, September 20, 2018

Gloria Govan Accuses Matt Barnes of Playing Dirty

Back in May Matt Barnes sued his ex-wife Gloria Govan for fraud and identity theft after accusing her of forging his signature on loan documents and stealing money from his bank accounts [click here if you missed you missed that].

Gloria accuses Matt of being messy by involving their twin sons in their legal proceedings...

From The Blast
In her new filing, Govan is demanding the default order be vacated, saying she was never served with the legal docs. The process server claims he served her on June 10, 2018 but Govan has an entirely different account of their interaction.
She recalls the incident that went down on that date at a Starbucks in Encino, where she was meeting Barnes to exchange custody of their twin boys. Govan says she and Barnes had previously agreed to not bring their various disputes to the custody exchanges, saying it was to be a neutral site and that the twins should not be involved.
On the date in question, Gloria Govan says she remembers having her head down to look at her phone when a man touched her shoulder and said, “I know who you are.”
She told the man to “get the f**k out of my face. I don’t know you.”
Govan explains, “I am a recognized celebrity due to my tenure on the television show ‘Basketball Wives’ and I have individuals follow me, or assume they know me or believe that they have a relationship with me because of my appearance on television. I also have had men inappropriately touch and harass me on innumerable occasions … Therefore, I am especially sensitive to men who invade my space, touch me without consent, or otherwise try to surprise me.”
She claims the man never handed her papers and never identified himself as a process server. She says she does remember looking outside and seeing Barnes and her sons inside his car in front of her.
“It is now obvious to me that Plaintiff Barnes arranged to have me served during our custody exchange,” Govan writes.


Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

This bullsh*t right here,....I can tell she's one tacky, petty, messy, thieving bitch.

You were with it.

Anonymous said...

Birdbrain. Celebrity or not, her response to the process server was trifling & the admission of the response on record incriminates her parenting skills. She is hostile, combative & this filing makes Matt look like the better parent. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Is she nuts? You were served Gloria!!!! Deal with this shit and stop avoiding it so you can move on with your life. It's obvious you're lying and the judge will determine that too. You're going to fuck around and get the book thrown at you because of your continuous lies. Get your shit together.

The King Of The Real said...

No one forced you to become a celebrity

Anonymous said...

So what she really is saying is 'The reason I went ham during the exchange of the boys is because he served me'. Even more telling of her not deserving custody. Can't control your temper in front of the boys.

Tippie Toes said...

Damn is she abusing illegal substances? This sounds manic!

Kitty B. said...

I like Matt Barnes, that's all I got...

Anonymous said...

That is one toxic messy woman
Did she expect to be served with court documents on a silver platter
Heifer please
I hope Matt wins

Unknown said...

She is digging a hole for herself!!!! Pseudo celebrity is the term she was looking for!!!

Have a good day Gloria and FIRE your representation if you submitted that with their consent!

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