Monday, November 19, 2018

Kim Porter Remembered by Those Who Knew Her Best

The Hip Hop community continues to mourn Kim Porter as her closest friends come to terms with their tragic loss...

Kim Kim Kim For the last 20 years we have raised our children together, my mind cannot begin to wrap around the fact that you are not going to be here. Thank you for being a 2nd mother to Justin and for loving Niko and Madison just the same. This is one of the most shocking and painful experiences that I have ever been through. A devastating loss to our family. Not that long ago we had a dope conversation about the kids and how proud we were of them all. We spoke about their futures and how we could come together to support them in business. That was a very special conversation. But you were cool like that, and that is what I will miss the most. Our inside jokes and the fact that we shared an unspoken understanding around what it was like to raise our children in this life. I promise to love and protect Quincy, Chris, D’lilah and Jessie. I will always be here for them. Rest in Power Beautiful Queen ♥️ #familyForever. . . Thank you everyone for your prayers and comforting words. Please continue to pray for us.πŸ’”
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At your homegoing celebration today it became all too real that you are not coming back. I cannot stop crying but I will be strong for you. Gone WAY too soon. Wtf. I am in shock. To my beautiful friend and sister, I love you.❤️ This is unbelievable. When I first heard the news, I was angry that someone would play such a stupid ass joke. They said you were in your room sleeping. Aoki and I rushed to your house to tell you to ‘get up and come your ass outside!’ But soon as i arrived I realized you would not come. Every room I walk into now I think, “ok, I will just go and get Kim.” But I see that I cannot. This is all too close and too sad. Your light was a beaming beacon for so many. You are A WHOLE MOOD! You are a girls girl which is why we’ve stayed close always. We are so alike in so many ways, we shared clothes, food, attitudes, friends, enemies, the greatest happinesses and the worst sadnesses. We’ve been married, given birth, raised families, gotten divorced, experienced death and everything in between-together. You are a great mama. Between us we have 8 kids who are all cousins. We are, and will always be-a family. I will look after yours and you will look after and guide us all. What a beautiful, loving, sassy soul to have lost. We love you forever. May God bless your journey. We will never stop crying for you❤️πŸ•Š #kimporter #forevermylady #rip 😒 #blackexcellence
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Children have a way of making us see the beauty in one another as individuals, and, in this case, as MOTHERS. I met Kim in 1997 at Daddy’s House Studio. I remember thinking “wow, she’s pretty!” She was pretty on the outside but her spirit was also very kind. Her voice was soft, yet, she was energetically vibrant. Ten years later we gave birth to angels only one day apart and less than 30 city blocks away in distance. The twins Dec 21st at Mount Sinai and Kas Dec 22nd at Lenox Hill. Back then I remember thinking “our kids will grow up together, how cool!” Look at them now. I guess what I’ve been holding in my saddened heart for the past few days is this- your kind spirit will be missed by many. The world was blessed to witness just how much you adore all of your children, your beautiful blended family. Just know that your babies will always be covered with an insurmountable amount of love and protection. Kasseem told me the other day that he will always look out for the girls. Please shine your light down on us forever. Mashonda
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Kim was one of my favorite people in life I met Kim 30 years ago n New York at heavy D gold record party .She was 17 and had just won fresh faces @ford modeling agency . . I introduce her to Al B sure and they have a son Quincy . . Kim eventually came to work at uptown records for 10 years ‘ where the intern at the time puff daddy had a crush on Kim for 3 or 4 years before he could get a date. Kim was creative , caring , fun loving And a great mom to her kids . Quincy ‘ Christian Jesse & Delilah . Kim was beautiful inside and out ‘ loyal uplifting and a down chick . I see all the love Kim been receiving on social media . Kim’s spirit was so bright and inviting as a friend and a person . Kim was a super star in real life ! Kim Had the ability to light up a room and uplift people’s spirit with just her smile . ......Kim May u dance & heaven forever. I miss u ‘ love u my friend & dance partner rip the gangster angel” Kim porter , my negro πŸ’•❤️
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Gone too soon is a painful understatement, Auntie Kim you were the light in so many lives. The best mom, the best aunt, the best “second mom”. You cared for everyone around you, I want to cry when I think about how I would stay the night at your house and you would be up early making breakfast for everyone and making sure everyone was fed and cared for before taking care of yourself. You were always like that, the most selfless. It may surprise some people how many unexpected people are mourning her, people you didn’t even know she knew, it’s because she loved everyone in such a quiet way and brought light to everyone’s lives without calling attention to herself. It’s not right that you should be gone like this, you deserved so much more. Rest easy, we love you. I promise I will take care of my little cousins (and the big ones!) and will always be here when they need meπŸ’” (this photo is from my parents wedding, a beautiful bridesmaid 😒) all my love and prayers to the whole family.
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R in NYC says:

Gawd...reading all these made me tear up.
Good people go early but evil sum bitchez hang Round on this Earth forever.

Rip Kim

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@10:06 you better tell it!

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My heart is in tears

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10:06 Enough said and Amen!!

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My opinion said...

NO lies told here I did not know this woman but she was a beautiful soul may she rest in peace

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