Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Magic Johnson Takes Credit for the New Harlem

Michigan native Magic Johnson explains how he helped facilitate the changing face of Brooklyn and Harlem...

From Page Six
Magic Johnson says that he helped “turn around” Harlem and parts of Brooklyn by bringing in Starbucks and converting the Williamsburgh Savings Bank into luxury condos.
The NBA great told us of the developments, “I knew what African-Americans wanted, and I went to the hood because we want quality products and services in our community. We want the movie theaters in our community, we want places like Starbucks … a movie theater in Harlem.”
At a party to celebrate the launch of pal Darren Prince’s book, thrown by Jason Binn’s ­DuJour magazine, the hoops icon told us, “We were able to turn Harlem around. I was able to help turn Brooklyn by buying the Williamsburgh [Savings] Bank.”


Anonymous said...

He was one of the 1st business men to "reface" Harlem with the movie theater, Starbucks, etc. However, what he's failed to realize is this preface has increased the cost of living and have forced some people out due to rent hikes. those mainstream retailers that followed are Not making any financial contributions to the community & the handful of minimum wage jobs dont count for shit.
So now I wish the Mogul will invest in affordable housing for "working" people

Anonymous said...

haha, nigga got aids

Anonymous said...

Changing the face of Harlem AND Brooklyn from black to white is what he did. Fuck Starbucks! mom and pop independent and locally owned businesses is what black communities need, dummy. This nigga is part owner of private prisons as well. Need I say more. 11:02 I'll laugh too hahahahahahaha!!!

Anon said...


Say it again.
Clinton opened his office in Harlem after leaving the WH. Rhat's when Star Bux and white corporate came thriugj.
Accirding to residents, Clinton inky came through for soecisl events but was rarely seen otherwise until he clised the Harlem office a few years ago.
Gentrification is what happened to Harlem.

You see white hipsters bragging about being from Harlem. Smh

Unknown said...

Really your proud...when your own race can't afford the rent..and have to move our be homeless...Yeah!!! Thank you...

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