Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Palace Denies Meghan Markle Kate Middleton Rift Rumors

For months there have been reports that sister-in-laws Meghan Markel and Kate Middleton were not getting along [click here and here if you missed that].

Now the palace has taken the extraordinary step of denying the rumor...

After it was reported that Kate had to check Meghan for speaking rudely to Kate's staff, in a rare move the palace tells The Mirror, "This never happened."

Meanwhile, it was announced this week that both Princes Harry and William and their wives will spend Christmas at Sandringham AFTER William and Kate announced their plans to spend this Christmas at her parents house.

Fun Fact: Last month it was reported that Meghan's mother had been invited to Sandringham for Christmas, an invitation that has never been extended to Kate's parents [click here if you missed that].


Anonymous said...

I think the media is making this bigger than what it is. Naturally, Kate may feel a lil haggard looking knowing that her & Megan are the same age and she looks like 10yr older than the new kid on the block. However, Kate is higher on the hierarchy totem pole & probably feels like Megan is beneath her...But there goes the media looking to instigate drama....I cant wait to Megan drops that baby...I'm hoping it's a "caramel strawberry".

Side note, can somebody please get William a lace front. He's too young to be walking around here with that kind of hair loss. LOL

Anonymous said...

Kate big mad! The "blacks" have arrived. It seems like something her uppity ass would say!

Anonymous said...

Wills lacefront lmao shit would come with its own butler. You already know Kate pompous ass cant handle the shine Meghan gettin anf Meghan surpassed giving a fuck the hour them demonic vows was said and that demon seed planted. What Meghan may want to remember is one day...and it will come pomp and fru kate will be queen and uh... the last bitch the firm had enough of ended up dead in a tunnel. Meghan and her family and shitty attitude been bringin too much heat and its not even a year yet.

Anonymous said...

Kate is definitely prettier than Megan - no comparison. Megan has dug her own grave and less than 6 months in - the public (who financially support her) can't stand her. This is not Hollyweird, it is refinement to the utmost.

Anonymous said...

It seems as if Meghan is getting so much publicity that others may be envious. Both are adult couples, I don't see what is wrong with wanting privacy or being in separate homes. They are making this more than it needs to be. If it was so bad why is the mother being invited for Christmas?

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