Monday, December 24, 2018

New Documentary Accuses Charlamagne tha God of Rape

Earlier this year a woman name Jessica Reid came forward claiming she had been raped 15 years ago by radio DJ Charlamagne Tha God after he downplayed the incident in his best selling book 'Black Privilege [click here if you missed that].'

Now Jessica is telling her side of the story in a new documentary produced by Choke No Joke...

The description for the Youtube doc reads,
Justice For Closure: The Jessica Reid Story is a documentary about a girl at the age of 15 who allegedly was raped and molested by someone she thought was a friend. 17 years later after dealing with anxiety, mental illness, stress, and more Jessica Reid learns that the man she accused of raping her is now a famous disc jockey and is publicly talking and joking about the incident that left her traumatized for years. Due to her mother not allowing her to testify against the man when the incident occurred he was able to plead guilty to the incident and get a reduced charge due to Jessica Reid being noncompliant. Now that he's told his story in his New York Best Time Seller, on his podcast, and morning show it's time for Jessica Reid to tell the truth in an attempt to get Justice for Closure.


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