Thursday, March 21, 2019

R. Kelly Asks for Permission to Travel to Dubai

R. Kelly asks for permission to travel to Dubai for a series of concerts...

This week in a new court filing lawyers for R. Kelly argued,
“He cannot work, and consequently cannot make a living if he is confined to Illinois, or even the United States. Mr. Kelly needs to generate income.”
Kellz claims to have five concert dates lined up in the United Arab Emirates that were booked before his was charged with 16 counts of sexual abuse involving minors. He is also scheduled to meet the Royal Families of the UAE [click here if you missed that].

The ruling is pending.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha , he about to pull his harem to work for that child support and legal defense fund . Wow

Unknown said...

That is the perfect place for him and his followers! The cult of R’uh!!!

beantownbulli said...

Robert, Robert, Robert!!!! Sop trying to play us!!! Sit your sicko arse down and get ready for these charges and jail to hit that arse like a pile of bricks!!! Plus no need to travel the McDonalds you stalk little girls at is hiring!!!

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