Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Mourners Injured in Stampede at Nipsey Hussle Memorial

Mourners injured at memorial for rapper Nipsey Hussle after a loud sound was mistaken for gun fire...


Pusspusd said...

I hope them shop keepers arm them selves, and not allow them low life thugs to dictate their state of mind

Anonymous said...

Nipsey's life is speaking for itself.

If he were a positive man who didn't promote gang banging and thug mentality, his mourners wouldn't be this damn buck and out of control.

Same with Biggies and XXXtentacles mourners.

Stop idolizing trash and canonizing them to sainthood when they lived by the sword and died by the sword.

Avis V. said...

WHAT????? They weren't there to pay homage to a gang member. They were there to to pay homage to an exgang member who turned his life around and trying make a positive difference in his community. And along the way he was able to become a successful rapper. He was using his platform for good. Its awful that he was gunned down at this positive point in his life. Life can be a BITCH. R.I.P. Nipsey Hustle

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