Monday, April 01, 2019

Nipsey Hussle Was Set to Meet with Police Chief About Solutions to End Gang Violence

Yesterday rapper Nipsey Hussle was murdered in front of his clothing store in South Central Los Angeles [click here if you missed that].

Today Nipsey was supposed to meet with the Board of Police Commissioners and the Police Chief to come up with solutions to end gang violence...

Fun Fact: Nipsey Hussle was also producing a documentary on renowned nutritionist Dr. Sebi who died under suspicious circumstances in a Honduran jail in 2016.


Anonymous said...

FOH! The Mexicans run the drugs. And niggas are killing each other cos they want to be niggas. What the hell RocNatioj always getting involved in shit like they are the noble peacemakers of the world. Fuck Jay Z, die slow!

Anonymous said...

Niggas gonna nig.

My heart goes out to those poor children who lost their father. I don't have sympathy for the adults who choose to raise children in such darkness and toxicity. If you wanna associate with thugs, gang life, and the streets DON'T HAVE CHILDREN! Both Lauren and Nipsey were selfish having a baby when they were still trying to be "hood"!

I'm tired of our black babies being born to hood ass dysfunctional adults and they be the main ones having the most children!

It's sad that this man was murdered but at the same time, he should have left EVERYTHING HOOD in the past once he got his way out. I know he wanted to help the community by being there but nowadays, people are so hateful and jealous, that it's best you just send money or visit the hood with a group of bodyguards.

Shananigans said...

8:44pm You apart of the problem, If niggas get out of the nigga mentality (which your is clearly your mentality) then people wouldnt be killing each and would be helping each other, but to each its own.

Anonymous said...

10:59 I guess you haven't put together the facts yet. What does RocNation have to do with gang violence in LA?

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