Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Pat Houston Planning Whitney Houston Hologram Tour

Pat Houston partners with tech firm for Whitney Houston hologram tour...

From Billboard
BASE Hologram has partnered with the estate of Whitney Houston to create its latest hologram tour. Working closely with the Houston’s sister-in-law Pat Houston, who is the sole executor of the estate, the production company plans to present "An Evening with Whitney" to audiences in early 2020.
The tour announcement follows the news that Primary Wave Music Publishing signed a deal last week with the estate that gives the publisher a 50 percent stake in Houston estate assets, including royalties from her music and film careers, as well as merchandising and the right to explore commercial uses of her name and likeness. Becker explains that the hologram tour was in the works prior to the Primary Wave deal.
Fun Fact: Last year Pat Houston produced the shocking Whitney Houston documentary that claimed Whitney and her brother Gary Garland had been sexually molested by their cousin, Dionne Warwick's sister Dee Dee [click here if you missed that].