Saturday, June 22, 2019

Ciara Reveals Parent's Divorce

Pop star Ciara reveals her parents have divorced after 33-years of marriage...

CiCi broke the news during an interview with RuPaul explaining,
“My parents were married for 33 years and they’re not together anymore. However, they are both happily married so it’s good.”
“Imagine you go for 33 years of mom and dad being together and when I had my child, my son, my first child [Future], I was like, I just know mommy and daddy that made [a] baby was what the scenario was supposed to be. That was like, whoa, when that happened.”


Anonymous said...

I have tried to watch Rupal's show, I just don't like it.

Anonymous said...

umm. so her parents divorced and have both "happily remarried" within a 3 year time period? that's crazy.

and ciara is only 33... so they were married how many years before she was born?

just saying, this story sounds a bit questionable. but i guess.

FlowthePodcast said...

You never what goes on behind the scenes in some marriages. I've heard of people divorcing after 40 years together only to marry someone else a year later. And it's usually the man who moves on quickly. That says a lot about what that marriage must have really been like.

Anonymous said...

"That says a lot about what that marriage must have really been like."
Her parents were unhappy, that's why they moved on. It doesn't make sense to beat a dead horse.

FlowthePodcast said...

True dat. Beating anything that's dead will never bring it back to life.

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