Friday, June 07, 2019

Warriors Owner's Wife Received Death Threats for Talking Over Beyonce

This week the wife of Golden State Warrior's co-owner Joseph Lacob, Nicole Curran, became the target of the BeyHive after cameras caught her leaning across Beyoncé to talk to Jay Z during the NBA playoffs [click here if you missed that].

Nicole speaks out after receiving death threats from the Hive...


Anonymous said...

Why is it that Bytchonce never reprimands her stans? Like these non life saving celebrities are as worse as their dumb ass fans.

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

That beehive is so psychotic at times. They are way too obsessed over this woman. If Bey jumped off a cliff, their crazy asses would jump off too.
@7:21 you're right, she never calls them out.

Anonymous said...

bey is SO PETTY. she could have EASILY said something IF the wife was invading her space. i sat at courtside and these as you can see are small folding chairs, everyone was polite.

matty had almost everyone thinking bey was a classy lady. never liked destiny child or bey. i always thought bey was undercover ghetto. she elbowed her like she was riding public transportation.


Anonymous said...

Say what you want about Beyonce, but that beehive don't play. I love it!

Tia said...

8:42 You're right about that. They go hard for Bey.
However, at some point in time it wouldn't hurt for BEY to make a public/social media post her damn self.. not a publicist. She needs to tell her fans to ease up and act right. They're unhinged.

Anonymous said...

Beyonce's fans are crazy. Then at the same time, this is where Cardi can take a cue from Beyonce. Beyonce don't have to say shit. In a cyber world, where she doesn't know her fans from a can of paint, they do her dirty work or not. Bey say's absolutely nothing. Cardi on the otherhand, addresses everything and anything. Through it all tho, Bey's fans cross the line all the time.

Anonymous said...

why is everybody conveniently forgetting that SHE IS THE ONE THAT TRAINED THEM TO DO ALL THAT BULLYING SHIT! She put a document on her website that put her "bees" in categories like killer bee, worker bee, honey bee, wasp, etc... killer bees attack viciously anyone who comes for the "queen", worker bees put her name under ever other artists videos and promote her at all times, honey bee are the "sweet" ones.. etc... shortly after she posted her bullying pamphlet, that is when all the online harassment started! Beyonce don't say shit because SHE APPROVES OF IT!!!

Anonymous said...

The fact that her fans can repeatedly publish death threats towards others and not be reprimanded by legal authorities and/or Beyonce is quite disturbing. I wish the hive would come for me or anyone close to me...I'm coming for Beyonce and Jay Z's recently made "billion".

The little respect I had for her is officially gone.

Anonymous said...

From the very beginning of Beyonce's career, I always felt like she was on some other shit. Like some evil energy shit. I told my husband nearly 20 years ago, that she had some foul attachments about her.

And no, not the 'Illuminati'. Some bad juju, essentially.

She seems to stoke it and encourage it, even though she says otherwise. I don't fuck with her and never have. How her 'fans' act and how she decides to NOT reprimand them is enough proof for me that something's negative about her on a spiritual level.

Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...

The rabid ass members of the flea hives, need to be tacked down when they make public threats, and arrested and have charges lobbed on them. I fucking hate deranged ass stans, who have no lives outside their celebrity deities. Those insane fuckers need to be taught a lesson. Who the fuck is handing out death threats over social media because someone is talking to your deity? I thought that shit is terrorist threats , its long past the time to put these zombies with no lives in their place. Tired of hearing about their shenanigans.

Tippie Hippie said...

Bey is Gross! #THEEND

Anonymous said...

Everything surrounding Beyonce and her hideous, demonic, faux billionaire "husband" is dark, low-vibrating, and sinister. People wanna attack bright, positive energy couples like Ayesha and Stephen Curry but praise dark, demonic low vibrating couples like Bey and Jay, and Cardi B and Offset, and The Smiths. Most people hate seeing happy positive and resilient people because it makes them aware of their own shortcomings and insecurities. So they rather embrace people who are savage, evil, or bullies. Hence TRUMP & his MINIONS.

The Beyhive all need to burn in Hell for eternity along with Trump supporters, Cardi B fans, R. Kelly supporters, and XXXtesticles fans! They are some of the most psychotic, dangerous, false idol worshippers of today!

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^Talk about faux billionaire husband what a gross joke!!!
For example Uber crap, below is a title of a artitcle on Daily Mail & link
The devil and his LIARS!!!
Me, I really do believe that B jacked up J's money deals behind this low life gestures toward Nicole

Now J needs to cut his loses with Uber

Why Uber 'will NEVER make any money': How ride-sharing app's unsustainable business model was finally exposed after the company has one of the worst performing IPOs in US stock market history

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I love how Beyonce's career has been reduced to news bits like this.

With her forgettable nursery rhymes and pussypopping non-dancing hot mess of an excuse for "dancing", stolen songwriting credits and video concepts, she really never had any significant contribution to music.

At least, there will always be stupid people who have low self-esteem and low IQs to worship this talentless hack.

Anonymous said...

This is not the first time the Beyhive has done this; Dame Dash Daughter; NOT the mom but the DAUGHTER and no one said nothing; it took a rich white women for them to tell the Beyhive to stop; I have no respect for any of this mess; and I don't spend my money on anyone who lets people attack a CHILD!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Michael Jackson = The King of Pop

Madonna = The Queen of Pop

Aretha Franklin = The Queen of Soul

Rihanna and Taylor Swift = Princesses of Pop



Anonymous said...

This will totally take Beyonce's career OUT OF THE DUMPSTER!!!

[UPDATE: No, it won't.]

Anonymous said...

This marriage won’t last much longer!! Bee hive go pollinate another hive y’all riding hard for stank breath give her tic tacs

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