Friday, July 12, 2019

A$AP Rocky Denies Inhumane Treatment

This week there were reports that Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky was being held in inhumane conditions in a Swedish jail after he was arrested for his involvement in a street brawl following his appearance at the Smash Music Festival [click here if you missed that].

Rocky denies the claims...
ASAP Rocky's lawyer Henrik Olsson Lilja says to SVT Kulturnyheterna that his client denies being held under inhumane conditions as reported by the American outlet TMZ.
ASAP Rocky has been held in Stockholm since July 2 and is under investigation for assault. The American news outlet TMZ has reported his conditions to be “inhumane”, which the artist denies, according to his lawyer Henrik Olsson Lilja.
“He has never spoken to TMZ or anyone outside about the conditions when he was first detained and kept in custody. He was treated then, and is treated now, correctly. However, he has experienced the conditions in custody as very plain and has perceived a smell of urine in his cell.”
For the first 72 hours, ASAP Rocky was kept in a custody cell. Since then he has been moved to a detention centre. In a written statement to Kulturnyheterna, Henrik Olsson Lilja says that ASAP Rocky has met with staff from the American consulate.
“He was lacking in appetite when he was first arrested, but he tries to eat. He was supposed to receive a visit from the American consulate at an early stage of his detainment and perceived that staff from the American embassy was not allowed to visit him. A day or so later, the visitation took place. He is not able to determine if this is in violation of the Vienna convention or not. He is not aware of the other claims made in the TMZ article.”

Meanwhile Rocky has been met with a less than sympathetic response to his plight after quotes from an old interview resurfaced where her talks about not being able to relate to issues of police brutality faced by the Black community because he "lives in Soho and Beverly Hills."


the streets spoke and said...

Free Mumia keep this nigga

robin said...

Bye nigga, them swedes got them some fine ass dark chocolate now!! LMAO . He like it in da ass anyway

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

So he considers his jail accommodations "very plain"...should jail be any other way?..because he's a celebrity he expected the Ritz Carlton?.....boy bye.

ms mac said...

It's unwise to laugh at the misfortunes of others but this is what you call comeuppance. Haha!

Anonymous said...

When are people going to wake up and realize that TMZ IS CIA controlled and Harvey Levin is an agent. That was nothing but CIA propaganda to get Black folks fired up. I'm so glad that it didn't work. The CIA uses TMZ to target the attention of the hip hop demographic whenever there's an agenda that requires Black folks participation in their deception.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you're in jail, get over yourself! Trust me, the Swiss jails are far better than Rikers Island in NYC. Pick you poison wisely. Get into fights, get locked up.

the end. act like an ass, and don't expect me to give a fuck.

Anonymous said...

Sweden is one of thee most gay friendly countries in the world. They're treating him like royalty 8n lockup.

Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...

@10:37 AM
The collective nubian race is slowly waking up to those facts of various media outlets, used to trigger them into either supporting or not supporting a particular agenda being pushed. With that being said I'm tired of reading about this fool, it's about time Sweden make an example out of fools acting up in their country, they need to deport those Arabs and Africans who come to their country and fuck shit up. You get an opportunity to go to another country for opportunities not available in your own country, and repay that government by fucking shit up. Sheet I would throw all their asses out as soon as they act the fuck up, take that shit back to your own country.

Unknown said...

Lmao them damn Sweden jails look like mini apartments. He good.

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