Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Blac Chyna Offers Parenting Advice

This week on the season premiere of The Real Blac Chyna on the Zeus Network fans were shocked to learn the true extent of her mother, Tokyo Toni's, toxic behavior [click here if you missed that].

Speaking from experience Chyna offers advice on raising happy healthy kids....


Anonymous said...


ms mac said...

Kids really don't need much to be happy and healthy when they're really young. Adequately provide all of their basic needs (food, shelter, medical, etc), show them love, give them some attention and they'll be a-ok. It's them adolescent years that are gonna kick her in the ass.

Anonymous said...

1) While I agree with her, she STILL ain't the mofo I'm trying to take parenting lessons from.
2) Those are 5 things she listed, not 7.
3) Pretty sure she got this from somewhere online.
4) Am I bugging, or does her son have extensions in his head?

Anonymous said...

1.) People who started out in similar situations as her have turned out worse.

2.) Read the damn post from her page.

3.) You online reading this so....

4.) Her son doesn't need extension, but I'm sure your daughter does.

Stay hydrated my friends!

Anonymous said...

@1:18, I originally thought it was only five things too but it actually is seven. The last two sentences aren't for the reader, it's part of the rules. She just wrote that shit kinda crazy.

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