Sunday, August 18, 2019

Rihanna Shades Jay Z for Taking NFL Deal

This week Jay Z announced he and Roc Nation were partnering with the National Football League for a newly created entertainment position, despite the ongoing NFL boycott in support of exiled player Colin Kaepernick who was unofficially banned from the league for kneeling during the National Anthem to protest police brutality in the Black community [click here if you missed that].

Roc Nation artist Rihanna is NOT on board...

On Friday Rihanna 'liked' a post from political activist Shaun King criticizing the deal.


Anonymous said...

Yeah Rihanna didn't perform at the Super Bowl because of Kap being black balled. Yet her master camel is doing the opposite. I have no clue to as what Jigga Boo is going to do with this adventure but I never liked him or his wife.

Anonymous said...

^^ what she said but the real truth is that they are all on the same side and are getting paid by massa to either keep quiet or go along with the plan.

ms mac said...

Follow the money people. In this scenario, who gets paid, has gotten paid and will continue to get paid off this bullshit non-story?

Fuck Boy Jay Z: CHECK (literally)

Stunt Man Colin: CHECK (literally)

Opportunistic NFL owners, et al: CHECK (literally)

Future Super Bowl Performers: CHECK (literally)

Any person who is actively participating and working behind the scenes every day to stem ACTUAL police brutality and/or help the victims and families of victims of police brutality: ? (literally)

I'm done with this stupid ass topic. The smoke is too thick and I'm tired of watching people who can't see through cracked mirrors.

Unknown said...

The whole deal is disgusting. Greed is destroying people. Jay Z and Beyonce have more money than they or their children can spend in their lifetimes. Why was this shady deal so important to Jay Z? Is it about money over everything? I'm waiting to see who really benefits from these constant deals between Devils because heaven knows regularly folks don't benefit at all. And to be so sneaky about it behind Kaepernick's back is just disgusting. I never was a fan but now I'm a hater.

RevlonRed said...

Why does he need to have a deal?
Isn't he a billionaire?
Can't he just start his own league ?
Remember when he was a "'owner"" of the NETS?
Why do you have to pay to be on a vegan Diet?
Can’t you just eat clean and eat vegan?
If the diet was so great why is she so thick?
Nothing wrong with being thick.
Why do you sing about brown skin girl, but always have a wig, and a wig on a child.
When will these people really use their platform for social change?
Like Colin Kaepernick used his star power.
When did this really sacrifice anything?
When will they stop chasing after money?
When will they really give back?
When will they fall back and give room and space for true artist to come up.
When will the public see that they are on top, and it’s their greed and tactics that ruined the music business.
When did Jay become the spokesman of the black community and for injustice?
When will Jay ever speak proper english?
When will he and his wife stop embarrassing us when they open their mouths, to speak?
When will they learn that no matter how long your money is, if you can’t speak proper english and pronounce words correctly you still are poor?
When will they learn that money cannot buy class, education, morals? Integrity, loyalty, and respect.
When will they understand that behind their backs people just see two people who are Greedy and only think about a money grab?
When will they understand the premise of "My Fair Lady"
A True lady or gentleman are giving and refine people, its whats on the inside not the outside, this is the true journey of life.
When will this guy stop pimping people?
A true artist creates, these two never created anything, they just bully themselves on the next and hottest bandwagon.
When will they see that the reason that Rihanna is a bigger international star in a shorter time, without trying so hard is because she’s connected to her real self, and people are attracted to her genuine realness? She’s not afraid to be real and take a break and live life, not always in your face to be relevant. She could give a F about the money now, of course she had to go out and make it, but now that she’s good, she’s not so greedy for every crumb, she’s real and people can feel her energy. Don’t think people can’t read the real from the fake.

Just some questions, I wanted to ask.

Anonymous said...

Yet he's besties with NFL players who kneel and get paid by the same Massa, he's not expected to unfriend them too for working for the same NFL that blackballed him? Why is JayZ the only one being called out when they're getting by the same people? On the flip side it was definitely a snake move to keep quiet.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Colin settle with the NFL earlier this year. His case is over. He took a check and signed a non disclosure. Jay is correct that particular part of the struggle is over and Colin himself made sure of that. It time to get in the room where decisions are being made so real change can be affected.
This ongoing campaign to get Colin a QB job is a rouse to keep Colin's name at the forefront even though HE took their deal and chose not to air the NFL dirty laundry in court.

Anonymous said...

Well Rihanna, why hasn't your boy Kap talked about injustice, solutions, etc. (never has), why did he take a payoff from the NFL, why did he refuse a position on a pro ball team and why has he made millions on endorsements, in the name of injustice? Talk about a hypocrite - there's your man Rihanna.

Jay was open about his travel, even attended a NFL game(s), he did talk to CK (as you said) … at least he is looking for solutions. You ?

Anonymous said...

Rich nigga, Richer Nigga and Fucking with Ultimate Sand Nigga problems. Fuck all of em they all sold their souls.

Anonymous said...

Ummm RevlonRed ain't nobody reading all need to have a seat like Jayz.

Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...

They are all stunt queens and all on the same side, regardless of who cosigns or appose. After seeing that Black Dot video on Youtube. That only confirmed my suspicion on these gatekeepers, I never bought into the Colin hype and the Black Dot broke that shit down beautifully. Entertainers are highly paid slaves, they play both sides of the coins and are never to be trusted. This revolution sweeping the planet will not have paid agents sneaking in, like they did with the Black Panthers and other movements to liberate our people worldwide. The collective 99% worldwide is tired of being fed on by a vampiric psychotic 1%. All these entertainers seek to be in the class of the "so called elites" and have sold themselves to be used as tools for their various agenda.

Don balee me juh watch said...

@4:05 pm I actually read it and it was the most thought-provoking, articulate comment of the day. You should take a moment to read it instead of being an ignorant buffoon.

Anonymous said...

Rhi is letting it be known without a backtrack from her P.R team that she is done with Jay. And he will have to get to her Arab goons if he tries to threaten her (again). She had her game plan by way of her good team advising her on making the moves she is now making. She is sonning Jay by playing chess, not checkers. Rhi, I may not like the problematic crap you say/do, but go ahead and reclaim your brand from that Greedy hypocrite

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the question
if Jay and Bey are "broke and owe their lives to Live Nation", why do people question their morality if they broker deals for their livelihood? I mean that's the excuse for Colin's "woke" kneeling NFL team mates that are still playing for the blackballing NFL are doing? I have this one sweet friend who said in "March" that she's gained too much weight and was going to start walking with me. She has walked maybe 10 days since then? It's good that she acknowledged the weight gain but where is the progress??? Trump acknowledges issues but he's like Colin and others, what have you solved after acknowledgment?

Alma's Daughter said...

Good on Rhi—he's shady and wrong and he knows it. I wouldn't be surprised if he was secretly voting for republicans.

Anonymous said...

Why do people think this UNEDUCATED big lip phony is going to make a REAL change from the inside. These NFL billionaires are laughing at this fool cuz the only reason they brought him is for bait

Anonymous said...

^^ like he's the second coming of Jesus Chris! Not gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

Jay-Z's philosophy is me, myself, and I. I got mine, fuck the rest of you.

Anonymous said...

Im riding with Jay. Fuck Rihanna. Never liked her ass anyway. Fuck Colin sackorpick

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