Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Empire Final Season Premier Glosses Over Jussie Smollett Exit

Back in April actor Jussie Smollett was written out of the hit series 'Empire,' which has since been canceled, after he was accused of staging a hate crime hoax in Chicago [click here if you missed that].

Last night on the final season premier they barely mentioned Jussie's character at all...
On the previous season, in the midst of the hate crime drama, Jussie's absence was explained away by claiming he was on honeymoon following his wedding, which was also the first black gay wedding on prime time TV [click here if you missed that].

This season it's clear Jussie has been dismissed.

In a scene with Cookie and Becky, Cookie causally mentions that Jamal "ran off to London" and Becky says she really misses him and that was it. Nobody else mentioned Jamal for the rest of the night.


Anonymous said...

Well good riddance, We thank them for gettin his batty riding ass outta here! TV Land does not miss him and neither do we.

Unknown said...

Cookie said he ran off and Becky said she missed him. That’s good enough. Freda Gatz was on the show and they never mention her again either so what’s the problem 🤷🏽‍♀️

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

Fox no longer cares about this show. The Masked Singer has taken it's spot.
I didn't miss Jussie at all.

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