Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Bartender Sues Cuba Gooding Jr

Actor Cuba Gooding Jr is being sued by a bartender in New York for sexual battery...
According to reports Cuba Gooding Jr is being sued in Manhattan Supreme Court by Tao bartender Natasha Ashworth, who claims Cuba pinched her butt and told her a lewd joke in October 2018.

Ashworth claims Gooding repeatedly groped her that night despite her objections and asked if she wanted to see his impression of a penis. When she said no, he showed her anyway, taking a sip of water before spitting it through his lips. Cuba was eventually tossed from the bar for his behavior.

The actor has denied the accusations and calls the claims a money grab.

Fun Fact: Natasha Ashworth is one of 14 women who have come forward accusing Cuba Gooding Jr of sexual misconduct [click here if you missed that].


I am not Tyrese said...

Folks always trying to bring folks with positive energy down. Don't let them bring you down Cuba, they just don't understand. I've had folks do that to me, I just drown them out with my positveness and drown out all the noise. The press does that to you, always hanging on "facts" and "court orders". Naw, do what you gotta do. Have a drink and be you

Anonymous said...


You're caping for a serial groper and molester. He brought himself down.
You must be a pervert too.

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