Friday, October 11, 2019

Botham Jean Family Lawyer Calls Out Nicki Minaj

Last week following the murder conviction of Texas police officer Amber Guyger the victim, Botham Jean's brother, Brandt Jean, made national news after hugging Amber in the court room [click here if you missed that].

The lawyer for the Botham Jean family slams rapper Nicki Minaj for criticizing Brandt's act of forgiveness...

Nicki was upset over the murder of the prosecution's star witness, Joshua Brown, two days after the trial ended and Tweeted her disgust with Brandt.

Last night Botham Jean family lawyer, Lee Merritt, pointed out that Nicki was late to the party in terms of using her platform to bring awareness to social issues, unlike her rival Cardi B, and gave Nicki other suggestions that would be far more helpful than bullying the brother of the victim.

Merritt also shared insight into the Joshua Brown murder investigation.

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The more I learn about the death of #JoshuaBrown the more upset I become. There was an attempt on Brown’s life in November of 2018. He was shot in the foot. Another friend was killed. A man was arrested for the incident and another suspect remained at-large. Josh was concerned that these people still meant him harm so when he was subpoenaed to testify against Amber Guyger he was conflicted. He wanted to do the right thing. Prosecutors told him he had information they needed to ensure a conviction. He, in turn, told prosecutors and the Court about the danger he felt was associated with him testifying in a public trial. Ultimately he decided that it was just too dangerous. He left the state and was in California on the day the trial began. In fact the day he was called to testify he was still in California. Prosecutors hounded him, threatening to issue a warrant for his arrest if he didn’t appear in court on Day 2 of the trial. So he got on a plane and came straight from the airport to the courthouse. I believe he met with the judge in her chambers (on the record) and reiterated his concern about testifying. That is why during his first public appearance in the trial the judge affirmed “you have already been sworn and are still under oath.” The court has mechanisms to limit the exposure of witnesses. They took steps to cut off cameras and instruct media not to report on an undercover cop that testified in Guyger’s trial. Why weren’t the same measures taken to protect Joshua Brown? Brown’s testimony was powerful but it was also duplicative. Nothing he testified to couldn’t have been brought in by other witnesses. It wasn’t worth his life.
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@WFAA has released a story about Josh Brown’s “extensive criminal record”. They have posted a series of mugshots implying Brown was a hardened criminal that naturally would be mixed in with a drug deal gone bad resulting in his murder. Joshua’s background was discussed under oath and was subject to cross examination. It included a possession of controlled substance and misdemeanor theft conviction. The end. Otherwise, he was collegiate educated entrepreneur. I’m use to the character of victims being assassinated after their death in order to justify police corruption. I want to be clear, DPD involvement in this investigation is corrupt. They have no business being involved in this case. Their presence taints all the evidence by virtue of their interest in the outcome. They must bring in a disinterested third party agency if this investigation is to be relied upon. DPD’s insistence on leading this investigation is building in reasonable doubt for any suspects that is eventually prosecuted in this case.
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Anonymous said...


BahamaJackson said...

Please read the last IG post...

Anonymous said...

So entertainers cant have an opinion? It's hardly bullying. Has anyone noticed that the Jean family attorney has changed his energy since the sentencing? Guess they got to him too.

Anonymous said...

Nicki you supported your rapist brother instead of the minor victim, sweep around your own front door before judging others in who they support or forgive regarding their loved ones!

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

But Nicki you're all boo'd up with a murderer and a rapist....***heavy sigh***

Anonymous said...

Attorney Lee Merritt is a coon. The family of Botham Jean are Caribcoons.

Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...

That whole Botham Jean family looking like a bunch of mk ultra mind control slaves, hugging that filthy fucking murderess and the mami ass judge, coming off the bench hugging that fucking troglodyte made me want to take all them niggas out to be flogged. Fuck that forgiveness shit!!! We are a people of Law, Maat has 40 damn laws, and when they indoctrinated our people in that bullshit mk ultra mind control religion, to create zombies with Stockholm syndrome, they took y'all's ass up from under the law, and gave y'all grace, chat bout we not under law no more we under grace. That whole new testament is bullshit, the old testament in the book of Leviticus 24:19-22, Deuteronomy 19:21 and also in the Psalms, these fucking white devils are not operating under law, they are lawless and mock the Most High Mother. In due season though, but in the mean time these niggas are a fucking disgrace, a racist ass white devil kill's one of mine and I hug that animal, fuck that I'm coming for their whole bloodline on the spiritual realm, I'm laying down Kennedy curses all over the place, generations later muthafukkas are dying tragically. These tragic niggas all need a drop squad including that knifed up silicone baboon nicky, bitch you up here defending pedophiles, and marrying rapist ass pedophile, this bitch need to be taken out to a lake and drowned.

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LFrich said...

^^ what Niya said.

Unknown said...

Whatever! That whole family a coon. They kiss up to white folks. Look up photos of Botham he hugged up with nothing but white girls and I refuse to believe Amber just walked into his house. I think he left that door unlock for her racist ass

Anonymous said...

^^you gave me chills. There are a few readers on youtube saying that's exactly what he did. Either way rest peacefully young man.

anonymous said...

Thank you get's it!

LVBoogie73 said...

I really don't know what to say on this issue. And I surely won't resort to calling these folks that lame ass term coons; just cause they handle shit different. Hate that word. But I will comment on Nicki's funky ass. Agree or not, with these folks; Nicki ain't got no monkey in this fight or nobody's else's. She's a perpetual supporter of child and sexual predators; her brother, her lover, Tekashi and no telling who else. As a result, she really needs to shut the fuck up and enjoy retirement. She's a sick individual as well.

Anonymous said...

Unknown bitch7:50am
COON, coon, coon coon, coon. Nobody gives 2 fucks what you like, or don't like. So sweetie you can go, and fuck off, bitch. By the way, hope you crack your skull wide open when your fall from your high horse.

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Anonymous said...

@10:35 AM.....and the ONLY reason you believe us to be on a HIGH HORSE, is because ya Mama has never lifted you out of the FILTH you were born into LUV....most COONS, DON'T.

Lawless718 said...

But you and your coon clients forgave a racist killer yea you have room to talk

Anonymous said...

@2:39 and 4:51 = Triggered Coon

You dislike the term because it CLEARLY applies

All that ranting...only to expose yourself

On Topic:
I agree with Nicki
The WHOLE Botham family are coons
INCLUDING the Lawyer.

Nicki's comment but a nerve, for sure

lady said...

Island folk has an entirely different mind set. They haven't been harden by the world.

IslandIsland said...

@8:15 I would have to agree with you. Born in the Caribbean but grew up in NY as a teenager. Caribbean people have a very lackadaisical way of thinking about these things and think that the plight of the "Black American" is non of their business. Not all, of course but a great number. It's so sad and disheartening.

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