Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Megan Thee Stallion Granted Restraining Order Against 1501 Records

This week Megan Thee Stallion explained to her fans that the reason she hadn't put out any new music is because her record label was refusing to renegotiate her contract [click here if you missed that].

After filing a lawsuit against label head Carl Crawford Meg wins a legal victory...

From TMZ
A district judge in Harris County Texas granted Megan a temporary restraining order which prevents her label from blocking the music she plans to drop on Friday.
In the suit, Megan lays out the most outrageous terms of her contract. For instance, she claims the deal calls for 1501 Certified to get 60% of her recording income. The remaining 40% goes to her, but she has to use that to pay engineers, mixers and featured artists who work on the songs.
 She also says her live gigs currently benefit the label more than her.
According to the suit, the contract calls for all money from Megan's touring and live performances to be paid directly to 1501 Certified. She says the label is supposed to give her a proper accounting of what she's owed -- but claims what they've provided is incomplete, and "purposefully and deceptively vague."
Megan also claims Crawford has been using his relationship with Rap-a-Lot Records founder J. Prince to intimidate people in the industry. In the suit, she claims Crawford pressured a producer to hand over beats by saying Prince would be pissed. Megan claims, "Prince is notorious in the industry for strong-armed intimidation tactics, and the comment was taken as a physical threat of harm."


Anonymous said...

Megan need to stop those tongue pictures. It's not sexy. She's not attractive so it looks like she got rank breath. She looks like a trans drag queen version of that plus size model Tocarra Jones from Americas Next Top Model.

And this Carl dude looks like is Magilla Gorilla and Fat Joe had a baby.

R in NYC said...

How many episodes of Unsung do they have to produce before these artists understand that industry will f**k them with no Vaseline?

Anonymous said...

I thought restraining orders were to protect people from harm not to help them get out of bad deals that they got themselves into.

Can we get an MC Lyte unsung?

Anonymous said...

Sticking out the tongue is part of demonic programming. Its one of the marks of the devil, hail satan type of thing.

There are several types of restraining orders. This one is more of a "cease and desist" in laymen's terms: stop what the fuck you're doing so that the courts can take a look at the situation and determine how things should be resolved.

NiyabinghiWerewolfObeahWoman said...

R in NYC
Cosign. This raggedy ass industry has been f*cking artist over since it's creation. It's time people invest in a lawyer to read over a contract, don't be so thirst for fame that you overlook signing your life away to the predators.

Anonymous said...

That intimidation tactic has been going on for years. When I say years like over a decades. Tribe called quest even mentioned it about record companies are "Shady" so black people followed that blueprint. So, I couldn't understand why you was considered hating when you didn't worship that wicked platform. Now Megan has to bring awareness about the old tactics to these youngsters like it's the new. SMH!

Anonymous said...

Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior What you really need to co-sign is an apartment or at least a car for that broke hoe.

I'm not sure how factual this is but I think he got to her around the time her mother was ailing so she was at a vulnerable point in her life.

Anonymous said...

@12:27 lol ever since 50 cent got a restraining order against Vivica Fox for calling him too much I figured out there's levels to this shit.

R in NYC said...


Girl, I don't know why they keep thinking the industry loves them and will look out for their best interests. It has been proven time and time again that at the end of the day, the labels are making all the money especially if you sign over your publishing.
The artists are so thirsty and hungry for that fame and that first check they cut, they don't even care about the small print. That's why they stay getting f**ked over and left broke with nothing to show for it. They'd be better off going Independent.
I've know a few people in the industry. None of them made it big.
God help them if they had because they'd be strung out and turned out.

beantownbulli said...

Honestly her music is whack to me, but I always wana see a black woman win!! And also Lauryn Hill won 5 Grammy Awards and didn't have to show the world her body!!! Shes been on her black people time now but she still one of the best. hahahah

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