Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Michelle Obama on the American Tradition of Peaceful Transition of Power

More than two weeks after Donald Trump lost both the popular and electoral college vote to President Elect Joe Biden, former First Lady Michelle Obama urges Trump to continue the tradition of peaceful transition of power as he steadfastly refuses to concede defeat...

Meanwhile the Million MAGA March to protest the "rigged election" in Washington D.C. on Saturday drew less than 6,000 people.


NiyabinghiObeahWomanWarrior said...

The reality is once black folks in this country, wake up to the reality they are indeed the majority, in this country it will be a wrap for the whites in power, who rule by deception and illusion.

The 10 black scholars who debunked eurocentric propaganda, tried to tell you who you are.

Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop
Dr. John Henrik Clarke
Dr. Marimba Ani
Dr. Amos Wilson
Ivan van Sertima
Dr. Frances Cress Welsing
Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan
Dr. Anthony Martin
Dr. Chancellor Williams
Dr. George G.M. James

These are just a few, when Nubians realize who they truly are and begin to carry themselves like true, Queens and Kings, Godz among men on the planet. Only then will we see changes. I love Michelle but do not agree with her telling folks, to not vote for a party with no chance of winning. I am neither democrat or repulican, I vote how I feel. Download from the primordial realm, one day there will be only 1 party in this country made up of everyone giving equal representation, not just controlled by a few who are largely on the same side, and do not truly represent the collective at large, people are fed up of both the republican and democrat party, to be honest both party suck. one day an all female congress and senate made up of 70% black women, 30% the others. We are going to go back to matriarchal rulership, only the divine feminine can restore balance to this planet ravaged by patriarchy, the primordial realm said men will never be in power again, and black women are to put the black man down, stop carrying him on our backs, she showed me and image where we have him on our backs, like a child getting a piggy back ride. Put his ass down if he cannot level up, he will be remove from here in even greater numbers, till he get it. In the meantime the black women must get ready to step into her rightful place. Black women are hated by others and our own black men, look at the disrespect being spewed at Kamala Harris, who will be the first female president, by these jealous hating ass black devil niggas. She has the support of supernatural power behind her and all hating ass hoes will deal. Agent orange was supremely jealous of Obama, his education, the way he carried himself him and Michelle, to see these two Nubians with all they had, white men are not only intimidated but insecure. Michelle don't even waste your breath the toddler in charge soon to be ex president.

Alma's Daughter said...

I just got Obama's book, The Promised Land. It was delivered on my Kindle yesterday. It's one of my holiday gifts to myself. I'm doing a cross-country move—going back to the D—and will read it over the holidays while traveling.

And fuk all y'all who ain't here for the Obamas.

Anonymous said...

The Coon Bama's will always hate on each other. That is what Yts count on. We don't stick together as one.

Anonymous said...

Dump and all his supporters need to be taken the fuck out. Those ugly ass evil, low self esteem having ass MAGAts are continuing to spread COVID since most of them aren't wearing masks. Fuck them and fuck this racist as country. I'll be glad when Canada opens its borders, so I can get started on my paperwork.

ms mac said...

Great speech but it'll continue to fall on deaf ears for those who need to hear it. Their hate is too great. Dumpy has defied tradition from day one so I didn't expect him to go away quietly. He needs to spontaneously combust.

Yes, I'm That Leah said...

She's right, but ...at this point, we just need the let the secret service and the higher up's handle this squatter. He's been squatting for 4 years. A few more weeks won't matter. Biden is transitioning , regardless.

He's probably on the verge of getting a poison pin prick
( his buddy Putin's favorite way of getting rid of people)
as we speak..If he's not out of the White House at 11:58 AM on 1/20/21, trust me. They will either drag him out, or prick him, and tell the world he had a heart attack.

George W. Bush tried to help him out with a nice statement, but Trump didn't get the FREEMASON WARNING memo...

Anonymous said...

11:11 fuk you harder ho

Alma's Daughter said...

Not even in your nightmares, bitch, but keep dreamin'.

TRUMP said...


Anonymous said...

1:24 is 1:32 in here look for a verbal Feud...CTFU

Anonymous said...

@ 3:02 You dont know what a feud is since you dont know what one is. The Wizard of Oz is giving out brains. Get one.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the obamas. They should go sit their asses down somewhere.

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