Thursday, January 07, 2021

Democrats Win Both Georgia Senate Seats

Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff win both Senate seats in the Georgia runoff giving Democrats control of the House, the Senate and the presidency...

Warnock made history as Georgia's first Black senator while Ossoff, 33, becomes the youngest Democrat elected to the Senate since Joe Biden in 1973.

Fun Fact: 7 out of 10 white Georgia voters [male and female] voted Republican.


Rainy Dayz said...

That's one foine black man right there 🤤😘😋

Anonymous said...

^^^Let me find out you be up in the church for eye candy...LOL
On topic, Thank you Ga voters & Stacey "sneak up on yo ass" Abrams. Now lets get some Real Laws passed & be unapologetic after these White terrorists were allowed to run up in a Federal building & walk out without injuries & handcuffs.

Now we get some fukin work done..Let them white ppl deal eith them white ppl



Just like Obama.

Just like Kamala.

We need to fight to elect people who truly represent us, NOT pretenders.



Alma's Daughter said...

Yes, three cheers for Stacy Abrams. She had a 10-year plan to turn Georgia blue and she met her goal. Lucky us. Now Democrats have the House of Reps, the Senate, and the Presidency. The Repubs have the courts, but Democrats walked away with more than expected.

Here’s hoping we can send Stacy to the White House. She has my vote if she runs in 2024. I think a number of women will run in 2024 (Haley, Harris, Trump, Klobachar, etc.) and I hope she’s one of them.

Alma's Daughter said...


Anonymous said...

While turning the state blue for the zionist democrats, what has she done for the black constituents? All the money raised she raised for them has she ever raised money for black healthcare, a program for black kids to attend to achieve higher test scores, lowered the black on black crime?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Georgia for showing up and turning out. Your the only blue state in the south. As stated in this post now we can get some laws passed since the hateful Republicans have stopped the progress for us all. That's why Obama couldn't get any laws passed. Republicans are nasty, low down, white trash with simp nigs following behing them.

No one can ever say that our vote does not count.

NyahbinghiObeahWomanWarrior said...

Stacy Abrams is solely responsible for this. After the election was stolen from her by shady ass Kemp, she brought to light the voter fraud here in Georgia, the black votes were not being counted hence the hold of these white racist rethuglitards in the south, and all the south quite frankly. Black votes were finally being counted. I am neither democrat or republican quite frankly black people need our own party. I also know after seeing the chaos on the capital Kamala's ass better put in a call to the Nation of Islam to protect her, when she becomes the first female president. After seeing those white cops calmly opened the barricade to let in those white terrorist, I keep thinking what would have happened if they had run up on Pelosi, being an elderly female besides having a heart attack, would they have beat her senseless? I don't feel safe for Kamala after seeing how the police were clearly on the side of the terrorist, that shit was surreal. Kamala better put in a call to the nation.

Anonymous said...

It ain't Stacey's job to stop black on black crime. And it ain't Stacey's job to parent children. The biggest problem I have with politics (especially Democrats) and I voted Democrat is the lack of accountability. How about people start working with their kids and make sure they are learning. How about neighborhoods start policing themselves and stop letting little Raquan and his friends kill up everybody in gangs. How about CheKesha stop having 4 babies with 4 different daddies and then getting on foodstamps and HUD to pay for all those kids she keeps choosing to have. There is only so much politicians can do. And for all those screaming for reparations; be honest with yourselves. Some people of color can't manage the money/funds they do have. Give them a big check/land and they will lose it and screw it over because many black are not in a mental place to handle owning anything. I see folks get their "income tax" refunds and blow it on bullshit. I see people spend all their checks on "christmas gifts" only to be broke the next week. Yes it would be awesome to get reparations but that won't solve the problems in our community until the "minds" of the people are upgraded.

Anonymous said...

Indian immigrants have weekend classes for their teenagers to help better math, reading and writing. Russian and Jews have healthcare out in brooklyn to better help their community once they arrive to New York All helped by the politicians in their area and before the immigrants arrive. Again what has these politicians do help black women and children get better free health care. BLM was used for democrats to fund their campaign, nothing for the black causes. What has democrats done to help any black causes lately? After joe biden and kamala won they were on zoom call and said nothing will done to help black people. Why continue to vote for them? It's similar to having the four kids by different baby daddies that does nothing to help but comes around every now and then to get laid.

Hawk said...


@NiyaWOW, I agree wish you completely. While watching that Whypipo foolishness I was thinking the same thing... VP Harris should make a call to
the NOI for some real security. Also Stacey A.

This is the tale of Two America’s:
1. Black America protest because we’re tired of being killed by Police
2. White America protest because they didn’t get their way

Anonymous said...

^ We need to do a better job of sticking to together and stay off IG selling puss. We continue to practice crabs in a barrel behavior. Yt'y implanted that in our social communication. Some of us know better but not enough.

Unknown said...

Keep ignoring the Republican Graham Crakka troll...

Stacy A is the real hero and MVP!
POC are killing it politically and I am loving it.

NyahbinghiObeahWomanWarrior said...

10:31 AM. 10:55 AM 11:06 AM 10:17 AM
The age of Aquarius regardless if you check for astrology or not, the planets don't lie. We are in a age of the collective consciousness. No more distractions of a "messiah" coming to save us, no the aliens are not coming to save us, Nibiru is not sending out the shams, the Anunnaki or whoever else is not coming to save us. We have to fix the problems here on planet earth, starting with our communities like 10:55 AM said.
We can no longer be distracted with WAP and whatever fuckery sent to distract, look at our communities big government is not going to fix that. The age of Aquarius is about rolling up your sleeves and getting to work fixing yo shit, starting again with your communities. I am truly ready for real change, for real for real. Right wing, left wing same bird none of these fools will do anything, they are all behold to their corporate masters and foreign interest groups and lobbyist. America is a business much like the church. We are the one's we have been waiting on, stop looking outside of self and start looking within. Clean up your own backyard, you have to be able to look in the mirror and like what you see, how many can say that?

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