Monday, January 11, 2021

Keri Hilson Questions Trump Twitter Ban

Over the weekend Donald Trump was suspended from Twitter and most major social media platforms after encouraging his followers to overthrow the government by repeatedly claiming that the 2020 presidential election was rigged after he lost to Joe Biden [click here if you missed that]. 

Recording artist Keri Hilson believes Trump's First Amendment rights are being violated...

In a message posted on Instagram Keri told her 2.4 million followers that Trump's Twitter ban was a slippery slope to the erosion of his First Amendment right to Freedom of Speech. 

Keri later clarified her stance to assure her fans that she was not defending Donald Trump. 

Can someone please explain to Keri Hilson that while she may have a point about censorship Twitter is a private company who's terms and conditions Donald Trump, and everyone else, agreed to when they signed up and that Donald Trump has the entire White House press room at his disposal to say whatever he likes whenever he wants. The First Amendment only refers to congress making laws against free speech, not your right to a social media account provided by a private entity.