Friday, March 12, 2021

Angela Stanton Battles Trans Daughter Over Death of Decatur Slim

Right wing political activist Angela Stanton King gets into a nasty fight with her daughter, popular trans gender social media influencer Jaybz, over the death of Jaybz' father rapper Decatur Slim...

Last week Decatur Slim was murdered in Atlanta over a particually violent All Star Weekend [click here if you missed that]. 

After JayBz told their followers they felt like they'd lost their only parent Angela took offense and went live telling her followers that Decatur Slim disapproved of JayBz' lifestyle that he had been in jail for ten years of JayBz life.


Later JayBz shared that the real reason they were bumping heads with their mother is because they took offense to Angela @ing Phaedra Parks telling her to keep her condolences because 'Decatur Slim didn't even like her.' 

Fun Fact: Just three months ago JayBz introduced their father to their followers on Bigo where Decatur Slim vowed to ride with his child till the wheels fell off.