Friday, April 30, 2021

Kanye West Still Wearing His Wedding Ring

Last week there were rumors that Kanye West was upset that the media spin on his divorce from Kim Kardashian was that she was the one who wanted out, when the truth was he was the one who wanted to end the marriage [click here if you missed that].  

So why is Yeezy still wearing his wedding ring...?

This week DJ Khaled shared a picture of Kanye West at his house listening to his latest album and Ye is clearing still sporting his wedding band. 


Ella M Nopea said...

Must be nice to have a chef on hand to cook at your request.

Kanye is wearing his ring to remind himself that you can't turn a hoe into housewife.

R in NYC said...

So Koonye doing uninvited popups at folk's homes huh? What's crazier is that they let him come in.

Anonymous said...

WhY iS yEeZy StIlL wEaRiNg HiS wEdDiNg RiNg..?

Cuz we live in a free world and Kanye do wtf Kanye want to do tf. Ain't no rules to this sh1t. Hop off this man d1ck.

Anonymous said...

Is this news worthy?

Anonymous said...

@10:56 Kanye is that you?

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