Friday, April 30, 2021

Mendeecees Walks Back Doubt on Holding Yandy Down

This week 'Love and Hip Hop New York' fans were stunned after Mendeecees expressed doubt about holding Yandy down if the roles were reversed and she was the one who had gone to jail on the current cycle of VH1's 'Couples Retreat [click here if you missed that].' 

Mendeecees clarifies his statement...


Ella M Nopea said...

I love my Family.... not I love my wife/Yandy.

This statement did not help his case. Holding someone down is not a fight or flight situation to say you DON'T know what you would do. You do know and that's why you said what you said.

R in NYC said...

After he got dragged by his pubic hairs here comes the cleaned up version after Yandy went awf on dat azz.
Carry on.

Anonymous said...

He is a cheater and his peen is his brain.

Anonymous said...

LOL..that ni66a soet on the couch last nite...He should've kept that sh*t cuz the damage was done...If he has something to prove then MARRY her.

Anonymous said...

^ he has too debt much . Aint nobody trying to pay that off. Not even him. Why marry a cheater only to divorce him later.

Anonymous said...

@10:42 AM Exactly. Say it again for the ppl in the back. He said what he said. Period. And how about apologize to your "wife" for telling the TRUTH, not social media. Smh

Anonymous said...

We don't believe you Mendeecees! As Mother Maya Angelou would say, "When Someone Shows You Who They Are, Believe Them The First Time".

A person can only fake it for so long and he's walking this back because he embarrassed Yandy on national television.

Anonymous said...

Not A Lesbian Or Man Hater When I Say :

The Modern / Evolved Woman Has NO Use For A Man .
Like Jesse Tried To Tell Justice: They Are Tools -Know When To Use Them & When To Put Them Back In The Box -

To THAT Point - Niggas Bring NOTHING To The Table But Balls. These Hoes Ain't Loyal & Incapable Of Loving You Pass Their Selfishness & Gratifications -& If Presented W A 'Greener' Option ?

Will Take Every Time e.g. Maury's Green Room

You Can Do Your Role - Go Above And Beyond & All They Do It Take & Take & Take -

Abuse You & Misuse You & Put You On The Curb Like Trash On A Tuesday.

W No Conscience

Because They Know They Will Always Have A Place To Go - Always A Lower Vibrational Female Ready To Do What 'Yandy' Can't / Won't -

You Want Sex - Fine . No Shame In That .

But A Smarter Woman Do NOT Spend Time Or A Dime Or Love These Conquered Niggas..

It Is NOT 'Yandy' It Is Him.

They Come In All Shapes / Sizes & Shades & Leave A Trail Of Destruction Behind Them -

"All I Do Is Dress & Rest - Cuz Love Don't Live Here No Mo" Unquote

Stay Woke -

Kateue said...

Are these two legally married?

sq said...

They are cute but he strikes me as a user

Anonymous said...

he is a clown yandy can do better & sleeps with every body
kids too

Unknown said...

He loves his family - not necessarily Yandy.
He would sacrifice and hold his family down - not necessarily Yandy.
All this tells me is that Mendecee would do anything for his kids and mama, but that inner circle doesn't include Yandy.

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