Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Kim Kardashian Kept Her Finances Secret From Kanye West

Last year Kanye West ran for president in an ill advised attempt to help Donald Trump win the 2020 presidential election by splitting the Black vote [click here if you missed that]. 

On the financial disclosure form from his campaign Kanye claimed he did not know how much money his wife Kim Kardashian makes or where her money comes from...

On the form, West claimed he was exempt from reporting Kardashian West's income by citing a law stating that federal candidates can go without disclosing their spouse's income sources if they have no knowledge of the income stream, it is not connected to their own economic activities, and they do not expect to derive a financial benefit from it.
"It's not just that he did not report it, but that he used an exemption, and a fairly rare one, to reporting. It said among things, that he had no knowledge of what her assets were or where her income came from. And that seems a little tough to believe," Libowitz told Insider.


Anonymous said...

Her momma taught her well...You bitches that don't know no better, better get you a rainy day fund..

Ella M Nopea said...

It's a Billion Kanye Forbes did the work for you.

You got Billion, Kim got a Billion, Kylie got a Billion.... everybody got a Billion.

Charity Smith said...

Kim has money, but she can't sustain a loving relationship. She is cursed.

Anonymous said...

Shame to use a man like a sprm bank then hide your money while ur spending his. Bloop!

Anonymous said...

He's a shitty person, disgusting human and I hope he is MISERABLE forever.

Anonymous said...

Any Smart Woman Would -

Not Mad @Kimmode For This . It Is Exactly What Kanye Hoe Ass Gets..

I Hope She Break That Crazed Deranged Hoe Ass Nigga

Stay Woke

Team Nobody said...

Team Nobody.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but he's not evolved enough for me to trust him with that kind of information. Sounds twisted af but it all comes down to why many super successful women (like Oprah) remain single. He wanted a trophy (albeit a tarnished one) wife and the fact that she makes more $ is gravy with bacon in his eyes. Throw in the mental illness factor and that Kim is/was practicing law under a crazy Cali law, a person would be a fool to share. It's not he's one of those rare blue collar or professional men that carries themselves with dignity and has a quality woman by their side.

Charity Smith said...

Kim Kardashian is going to need that pocketbook in order to score some more big, black peen. It is not easy being a hoe accompanied with herpes.

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