Saturday, April 17, 2021

R.I.P. Black Rob

Last week former Bad Boy artist Robert 'Black Rob' Ross stunned his fans after video of him surfaced online looking gravely ill and admitting he is homeless [click here if you missed that]. 

Black Rob has passed away... 

Fellow former Bad Boy artists Mario Winans and Mark Curry confirmed the news today.


Anonymous said...

G-d Rest the Dead.

I thought he was on the mend?

Thanks for the update, Snitch.

(D*ddy Devil strikes again.)

ThatBKChick said...

P-SHITTY! YOU THE DEVIL. Why are all of his artist turn Gay but back straight again, Muslim or joined an occult, dead, broke or "on something"? Master P never treated his artist like this. Except C-Murder, Souljah Slim and Magolina Slim would not stay out of the projects/streets, even after they got on. Damn 4 strokes. After more than one, they tell your one foot in the grave. Dude had 4 strokes before this one? SMDH! Hip-Hop needs to have a union like the Actors Union, which has benefits and medical. You can't work in Hollywood without it! This is a damn shame in less than over a week, we lost to hip-hop artist who were only in there 50's who looked like they were in their 80's due to drugs and bad health access to mental and physical care. Diddy is the devil. I heard a Carl Thomas interview, where he said he did a video with 112 and Diddy charged them for the use of his Bentley in the video's and shit like that. The old blood recording contracts....where the industry charges you like the hospital, and the label makes almost 85-90% on your ass. PHUCK DIDDY! He is an embarrassment to the game and industry! DIDDY IS THE DEVIL AND HIS TIME IS COMING....

Anonymous said...

Coincidence or Not???

Dirty boys like Russell Simmons and Diddy amongst others are cashing in off these entertainers deaths. Are they Killuminating these rappers to get money?

Entertainers as a whole have been financially suffering throughout this pandemic. Imagine owning over 100 million worth of properties that need to be maintained. Imagine the mortgage on those properties. Imagine all the staff you have to hire to maintain properties. Imagine all the people you are responsible for paying and are already in debt to. Imagine having to pay insurance on all these properties. Imagine all the credit bills you have to pay for clothing and necessities that are now useless to you. Imagine having to pay other staff and attorneys you keep on your payroll. Imagine having to pay for your drug and alcohol habit. Imagine having to pay for your herpes and hiv medication (a lot of entertainers have it). Imagine having to keep dishing out all this money and not having what you use to having coming in because of the pandemic.
People across Hollywood both blacks and whites have been triming the fat. Unleashing property after property, down sizing, because of debt piling up and they aren't working.

However, black entertainers are getting the heavier side of the financial crisis over the pandemic. They typically rack up the most debt. Especially musicians. With filming industry toning down on filming, venues for musicians are not operating at full capacity and lots of things not moving forward due to the pandemic, accounts receivable aren't really receiving. Meanwhile accounts payable is in full function with money going out the window and the door.

Entertainers make big extravagant purchases like 40 million on a home because they expect to have money actively and constantly rolling in. But that has not been the case in over a year because of Covid. So people are liquidating assets; homes, cars....people's lives?!?!

ThatBKChick said...

FACTS 10:28. SMDH At Waka Flocka. His ass said he's broke a few weeks ago and he owns a record label with his moms Debb. Broke in rich nigga terms in the industry means, I can't tour, I ain't got no money. You are so right on these artist now peeling away. Instead of doing foreign investing and taking their money out of the uS currency market and going abroad like most smart rich folk, it seems like they are "cashing in". COVID really showed us who's fronting and who's smart and keeping afloat.

Anonymous said...

^^^^Everything y'all said.

Anonymous said...

I know Shyne happy as hell he got deported out of America.

Anonymous said...

You can’t blame didn’t for all of his situations in life...some people don’t rap they do other things some people even live better healthier lives

Anonymous said...

Every adult makes there bed and has to lie in it. Addiction is no joke.

Anonymous said...

LOL..y'all in here eith the shits today!

Anonymous said...

No, we can't blame someone else for another adult's choices re: drugs, alcohol, and lifestyle.

But we can blame the other adult for allegedly hustling people out of money and resources they rightly earned.

Puff has been living well off the backs of other people for years.

All he had to do was release all of Rob's albums.

Rob delivered all 5 albums in the contract and never received his full payout.

Puff intentionally shelved the 5th album so a loophole in the contract activated.

Rob should have read the contract closely, but Puff shouldn't give his artists sh*tty contracts to begin with.

Puffy is poison.

Anonymous said...

They have lawyers to review music contracts before signing. Cheating music artist has been happening since the beginning of the recording industry started.

Anonymous said...

@11:40 Liarss I mean lawyers are the main ones that screw you. You have no idea!

✿RottingPumpkin✿ said...

Agree with the rest of the posters here. Adults make their own decisions as to what they do with themselves. It just seems odd that every single Bad Boy artist has a some type of downfall. You never hear of a Bad Boy artist who has made it and become even more successful. The only artist who has made it and continues to thrive is Diddy. RIP Black Rob. Its just a shame that these artists go out the way that they do.

Anonymous said...

That is correct. The majority of the time, artists 'stupidly' uses one of the label attorneys.

Pay attention: so every corp has a legal dept. Records labels, especially major labels typically have a legal dept that consist of over a 12 attorneys & paralegals. Small labels work with a firm & that firm provides them with a team of attorneys that consist of 2-4 attorneys & 2 paralegals. Say you're about to sign with Bad Boy. You don't know any entertainment lawyers. No one has vetted anyone to you. You don't know anyone. So 1st they are going to introduce & acclimate you to the different areas of the label and those who are there FOR YOU to make sure you have everything you need. Cause you're a big super star & you need someone to do everything for you. This is what they are telling you. So they tell you about their legal dept & how its consists of 14 attorneys. They will put you with your own attorney who is going to work for you & make sure your straight. Then Diddy will say, this my Lawyer Duke or whomever. He works for me and just me. Your lawyer works for you and maybe a couple of other artists on the label.

So lets move forward to the gen z game. No one really need to sign with a label anymore. You can do everything yourself, from your home with a fukin smart phone. Everything is digital. Open your own accounts with all the platforms. Hell you can even produce beats, record, mix and master with an iphone app. Labels KNOW THIS. So the artists from before this huge do it yourself digital age, some of them are lifers. Meaning they signed shitty record deals and the labels own them for life. They signed a slave deal basically. These youngins not looking for record deals. They are taking advantage of the digital age and keeping their money. And they are the ones that are moving the most units and getting the most streams. Again, labels know this.
So instead of offering people record deals they are now offering MANAGEMENT DEALS!!! So now you're USING THEIR MANAGER AND THEIR LAWYER.
That's how they are able to snatch up the artists money now. Some are still getting record deals no doubt, but there are a lot of 'management' deals going on. Still the same shit, just diff lingo, cause a contract is a contract. And they still do the same shit. Now its easier. Now that I'm your 'manager' I have a whole management team for you that consist of a lawyer and paralegal. But again these lawyers work for them and not the artists technically.
Shit happening everyday. Most artists do but some are too embarrassed to say they got played like a sucker.

1. Own your shit (TRADEMARK YOUR NAME) Do it yourself online to get it going. If you require assistance down the line then hire a firm or tm attorney. Lawyers are now adding their names to tm ownership of artists names without their permission and knowledge. Another big artist just had this happened to them recently. 'Black Rob' is owned by pdiddy. DMX did not own his name either.
2. Find ya own lawyer
3. Get a manager that only works for you.
4. when you tm your name cover as many categories as possible. YOU MAKE MORE MONEY FROM MERCHANDISING than the music and performing combined.
5. Get your own accountant
6. Don't take 'freebies'. THERE ARE NO SUCH THINGS AS FREEBIES in this industry. You will pay out of pockets and/or it man pussy or girl pussy. You will pay with your soul or hole.

R in NYC said...

Rip Rob. Too many hip hop legends passing too soon. These current rappers are 99% garbage.
A bunch of sissified, mumbling, low vibrating fuckboi thug wannabes. The glory days of rap and hip hop are long gone.

BLACK said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you, 1:43pm.

Great advice!

Anonymous said...

Never heard of this dude. Sad that he died.

Diddy is a demon. What sucks is that people like him don't die early. Psychopaths stay alive longer because caring about people makes you worry which leads to certain health issues.

Psychopaths may not die but they're in their own personal hell. P.Demon has to live to see the damage he's caused in many lives. I'd wanna kill myself if I were him. I couldn't live with myself knowing how many folks I've murdered and sacrificed.

P.Demon is alive with diseases, possibly HIV, a horrible reputation, and I don't even think his kids truly love him. What an existence!

4Real said...
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