Sunday, April 25, 2021

Thousands Gather for the Final Send Off of DMX

On Saturday thousands gathers in person and online for the celebration of life for rapper DMX...



Anonymous said...

DMX.... True Legend... 1 of the greatest 2 ever do it... Rest up my G....

Ella M Nopea said...

I want to know who was the reason the service was delayed 2 1/2 hours? Who was the first woman that spoke and why wasn't it Tashira?

Kanye in a mask on keyboard? They sounded good.

Swizz threw a book of shade without naming names. Seems like a lot was happening behind the scenes.

Rest X

R in NYC said...

I'll have to re-watch it online later. Rest in Power King.

Charity Smith said...

I hate they didn't have a Cadillac to escort his body. The monster truck was trashy.

Indi_flo said...

Monstert trucks were his thing. Whenever they did videos on location he would have them. I was there! Rest Easy X!!

NiyabinghiObeahWomanWarrior said...

Awww RIP Earl Dark Man X. You definitely earned your wings, watch over your children and people, as you are welcomed back into the ancestral real, to be reborn. No more pain and tears you are free. Until we all meet again.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit. The industry is so fake. They never gave this man his flowers while he could smell them. They only used him up and spit him out. Now that he's dead, they wanna give him this grandiose, tacky, Illuminati-inspired funeral. Fuck all of those fake industry puppets. Nothing but an energy harvesting even for them.

Rest in Paradise DMX! ~No More Pain~ said...

The memorial was very touching, I cried a few times not expecting too.

I am a PAB (Pre Amber Rose) Kanye fan so you can call me a current Kanye hater, but Kanye DID THAT. That choir performance was exceptional.

For being thrown together in 1 week they did a great job. I'm sure this is a tipping point for countless rappers as a lot of OG's are aging out and are probably thinking about how they want to be celebrated at their time of death. I love that Kanye was virtually invisible which shows he might be ready to stop attention whoring and get back to his craft. I'm glad the service wasn't hollywood and was streamlined to focus on the man. Kanye great job!

sidenote why did I keep feeling like DMX body wasn't really in any of those caskets displayed. They kept it closed it may have been empty.

Anonymous said...

Agree @12:56pm

Anonymous said...

@ 8:44
10 plus baby mammas came to the celebration looking for money. Thats what Swizz Beatz was talking about.

Anonymous said...

So fake. They ALL used this man. The Dean family and Def Jam. Blacks are truly evil when it comes to business. More than equal to Whites and Jews.

DMX put the whole entire industry on blast about 15 years ago. He likened the industry to slavery. He spoke openly with Sharon Osbourne when she had her own talk show. He said that he could record hundreds of hit records and sold millions but didn't even get at least 1 million dollars. He said that the whip was still cracking. He said he could do one movie and make millions. He said he has made more from one movie than he has all his music.

Meanwhile: The Deans are living nicely (including their nephew swizz beats). DMX made Ruff Ryders.

Swizz Beats was sent down to Georgia as a teen. DMX had known him prior to. DMX knew he was good with the beats. DMX drove all the way down to Atlanta, to get Swizz Beats from school at Redan High School in Stone Mountain. He was able to get Swizz Beats back to New York. Nobody was sweating Swiss Beats or Ruff Ryders until DMX came along. DMX referred to them as overseers and Russell Simmons as the slave master.
Swizz Beats was just a skinny lanky lame ass ugly kid from New York at Redan High School. If it wasn't for DMX they wouldn't have shit. They have the nerve to call themselves Muslim. Muslims don't dwell in greed, money and cheating people. Of course unless you're the Nation of Islam then you're totally allowed to be crooked.

How's Russell Simmons living: talking that shit saying oh he wish he couldve helped. You wish. Bitch you could've. Too busy having eyes wide shut parties having sex with men and women, fathering children outside of your marriage, robbing black artists blind, spreading incurable stds around and thinking yoga and meditation is going to cure your hiv and protect you from Karma.

Bitch bye. Help his family. Sign over all trademark to this mans name and publishing over to his fucking children. I bet you won't do that. Old hiv gun slanging ass fool.

Anonymous said...

All the money they spent on a funeral should have been used as trust funds for all the kids.

R in NYC said...

Russell Simmons is worse than P Sh*tty.

Anonymous said...

@4:26 Thank you for that tea! Russell Simmons is probably chasing little Asian boys in the name of Buddha, drugging, and raping them with his disgusting weird pedophile ass. I can't that ugly roasted turtle looking motherfucker.

@4:44 This funeral sound like an energy harvesting event for a bunch of narcissist celebrities to get attention, like Koonye. I didn't even bother watching it. I love some of DMX's songs even though I think a lot of what he wrote was misogynistic and disgusting towards Black women (like a song where he threatened to rape a 15 year old girl). But he was fucked up in the head and a crack addict. Still, he seem to have a good heart underneath all of that darkness, and he kept trying to stay clean and sober but lost this battle. This is why it's important for us to stay away from drugs and love & protect our Black babies and children from drugs and street life.

My heart goes out to DMX family and children. But, yes that funeral was basically all of the money they could've given back to DMX. The music industry is a JOKE and folks need to stop taking it seriously.


I wonder if Turtle Simmons and P.Devil fucked each other. I bet they both got Biohazard Bussy.

Anonymous said...

@6:57 I made the 4:44 comment and responding to your reply. Energy harvest yes but also a big fat commercial selling all the stuff they will sell more of and yet and still his kids won't profit. Black people don't ever gain generanal wealth from the shit stain entertainment industry or any industry for that matter. I also didn't watch it because Im not buying anything their selling or trying to program into my head.Noway!

Anonymous said...


NiyabinghiObeahWomanWarrior said...

4:26 PM
That is some spilled tea.

Alma's Daughter said...

Loved how Ryders from all over the country showed up for the funeral procession. Phuk the celebrities. Errday people showed up for X. Nice send off with or without the famous people.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed watching the BET memorial. I do have to say that Tashera is such a beautiful, genuine, amazing woman with a heart of gold. Her eulogy, which probably went on for 20 minutes, was so heartfelt and I just have tremendous respect for her.

Rest easy, DMX XOXO

Anonymous said...

I need to watch her eulogy. But outside of that, this thread had the smoke!

Anonymous said...

TRUTH dropped by 4:44 pm

The industry has been always been a way to pimp and steal, the jew orginated the game and the BLACK label heads COULD have changed the game but instead they did the same or worse look at Motown took all the monoey, tricky azz Piffy threw how many people under the bus and rolled over them INCLUDING BIGGIE, Russell day is coming, ready to watch the documentary coming out about him RAPING "On The Record", Andre Harrell was also a thief and he put a lot of people on but he was also a crook.

Anonymous said...

I have an older uncle that attended 1 of Russy's
eye wide shut parties back in
the 80's
He said that even he was disgusted and left

"Allegedly" the swapping and sticking in any
open hole, male or female, in a room
of 50 or more participants could be a bit much
And back then people wasnt really using condoms
I feel for all "new" artists that have/had to
sleep with these old school men for their deals

I wonder how Kemora "allegedly" avoided it
And poor Kym :(

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